Where is the 25-watt light for his heatsink?

2020-03-09 00:00:00

No matter how many watts, LED lights must dissipate heat. When the LED is working, about 80% of the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy, and 20% of the electrical energy is converted into light energy, and the LED heat sink is used to cool the LED. Then how to find a suitable heatsink, from the size of the LED light, the power of the LED light, and the use of the application scene in three major aspects of analysis. Selecting a suitable heat sink under certain heat dissipation conditions can ensure that the device or module works safely and reliably.

LED light size

The size of a light affects the size of the installation, that is how large the diameter of the heat sink is. The lights come in different sizes, as do the heat sinks. In order to match the different installation sizes of each LED light, EtraLED heat sink has developed several standard sizes with diameters of Φ48, Φ70, Φ85, Φ96, Φ110, Φ130 for different schemes and customers to choose. At the same time, the chip of different brands determines the number and location of holes that need to be punched. In order to match the many COB brands, the EtraLED heat sink has also been optimized in the shape design to enable drilling and tapping according to customer requirements.

LED light power

In Mingfa Tech's product catalog, you will see the description of "TW (max) ", which actually means the dissipated power (maximum). Even if it is the same series with different diameters and heights, the dissipated power inside It will be different. In short, the power of the LED light needs to be lower than this dissipated power value. For example, if you have a 25-watt LED light on your hand, we chose the EtraLED series 70-diameter heat sink. But we found that if the height is 50, and the maximum cooling power is 22.9 W. What can we do? 1. Of course, you can choose other series of heatsinks that meet this requirement. 2. Customers are especially fond of the EtraLED series. You can slightly increase the height of the LED heat sink to solve this problem.

Application Scenes

When the LED chip is working, its own ambient temperature is inversely related to the light output rate. The higher the temperature, the lower the light output rate. When the temperature reaches the maximum temperature of the LED chip, the LED will be broken. At the same time, different lighting scenes, the required lights and matching heatsinks will change accordingly. For example, in the shopping malls in daily life, where downlights and spotlights are frequently used, the Etraled cooler will be a good choice, because both of them are suitable for customers to purchase in a unified large quantity and promote the completion of customers' lighting projects.

EtraLED heatsink application

Of course, if you want to solve this problem more professionally, you can choose to give it to Mingfa Tech's professional team to help you handle it. According to your requirements and combined with the major influence factors, we recommend the most suitable thermal solution for you. Click on the link and contact them https://www.mingfatech.com/contact-us. No longer need to be troubled by LED life, light attenuation, color temperature shift and other problems. 

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