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Lighting Housing

Mingfa Tech's lighting housing is designed to meet the requirements of LED lamp manufacturers who don't want to develop new molds for small or large projects.

Thanks to its relatively simple structure, it is easy to rework and assemble it directly. Its structure can be perfectly combined with the structure of the luminaire, so the heat dissipation rate is very high. The lighting housing has a high heat dissipation efficiency design, which not only prolongs the service life but also reduces the weight of the entire luminaire and expands its application range. Its thermal design and cooling method are critical to highlighting the advantages of LED luminaires.


We adopt a reasonable structure for the lighting housing to meet the thermal requirements of the lighting system and maximize cost savings. Since the increase in operating temperature can lead to safety issues including electric shock, fire hazards, and eye injuries, our lighting housing is designed with the die-cast integrated shades to effectively protect the lamps.


Its folding power is very high ranging from 8w-40w, which can fully meet the needs of customers. The dual-optics design allows the luminaire to be glare-free. Moreover, the lighting shell adopts an integrated lamp body design and is convenient to assemble. It is suitable for both COB light sources and SMD light sources. The surface can be powder coated or sprayed according to customer requirements. Also, it is designed with a back panel for easy installation on the ceiling.


High-quality Manufacturing Of Led Light Housing | Mingfa Tech High-quality Manufacturing Of Led Light Housing | Mingfa Tech ​​​​​​​

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