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SMD LED Heat Sink

Mingfa Tech's SMD heatsink can solve the LED thermal solution problems that other manufacturers' coolers that are not compatible with SMD arrays cannot solve. Many people use SMD light sources and believe that the heat dissipation of the SMD light source is uniform and that it is safe to choose passive cooling with large contact surfaces. In fact, this technology choice is not appropriate. Before we can realize a safe cooling, we need to solve the following problems:

The flatness of the heat sink affects the heat dissipation as the aluminum substrate of the SMD light source is very large.

When the SMD light source aluminum substrate is relatively large, the contact surface has a high heat dissipation requirement. If the SMD light source substrate and the heat dissipating surface are not completely conformable, the heat can only be transferred from the contact surface between the aluminum substrate and the heat sink, so the heat cannot be quickly transferred from the light source, which will rapidly reduce the service life of the SMD light source.


Therefore, in response to the above problems, Mingfa Tech has developed an SMD heat sink that is very suitable for the heat dissipation of SMD light sources. Its rugged base plate can reach the IP65-IP67 standard. Moreover, it is compatible with more than 20 SMD light source brands, achieving almost 100% module coverage. It is made of AL1070 materials and is 30% lighter and more efficient. Moreover, its heat dissipation surface is 40% higher than conventional heat sinks.

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