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300-watt HPS has poor light spectrum and half its watts are wasted even with reflector, because much of its lights is going everywhere except where mostly wanted.
The Best Combination of Grow Light Power, Performance, Size, Versatility and Light Weight in Industry !
The PowerGROWTM design consists of multiple, separate 40W Par 30 LED lamps, in a special adapter, mounted into a single lamp socket. Each lamp can be individually adjusted in beam direction.
That uniform distribution is very hard for even the best grow lights to duplicate --and impossible for most.
A Comparison of Halogen, Compact-Fluorescent (CFL), High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and LED Lamps In High-Performance Photographic and Grow-light Applications.
LED heat sink as a key factor for the life of LED lights. Mingfa Tech has been seeking major breakthroughs in heat dissipation and striving to provide customers with more comprehensive solutions.
LCD digital signage has powerful functions such as intelligent interaction, public service, and entertainment interaction to popularize all aspects of people's lives. This new type of smart kiosk signage transforms the original passive advertising model into an interactive advertising feature that allows customers to more actively view advertising information.
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