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When Mingfa Tech started the business, the team is quite young but with great passion in moving projects successfully for all clients.

The people with pictures here are the main ones who are responsible for the important aspects in Mingfa Tech operations.  

  • Toby Mok

    Toby Mok is the founder of Mingfa Tech with his title of General Manger in the company, who is now in charge of sales control and overall operation of the company. In his almost 20 years of careers, he mainly concentrated on customer relationship management so he understands market very well with his rich experiences in international business.

  • Regan Poon


    Regan Poon is the one who has abundant know-how of lighting cooling solution, titled R&D supervisor with the background of tooling design and fabrication, electronic applications in lighting,the complete design in function and structure of lights. With over 15 years of diligent working in lighting industry, he comprehends LED cooling deeper from the whole light aspects.


  • David Lin


    David Lin titled senior engineer in Mingfa Tech offers full engineering support in mass production for LED heat sinks. All CSV members of Mingfa Tech have given him very high appraisal because of his professional technology support on all inquiries whether in the early stage for quotation or in the phases of mass productions.

  • Susan Hu


    Susan Hu is one of the most popular team members of Mingfa Tech due to her hard working and expertise in PMC control and mass production control for over 9 years. Currently, she is working as PMC supervisor with good reputation of "results-oriented" operations in Mingfa Tech.

  • Kevin Chen


    Kevin Chen is in title of QC supervisor who has been in quality control field in lighting components for more than 10 years. Mr. Chen is very careful in his work with nice character to his

    colleagues who like him very such, especially for his strict quality management.

  • Amy Huang


    Amy Huang is Mingfa Tech's finance controller who has more than 19 years in financial operation in listed companies. Her joining in Mingfa Tech has improved the financial

    management efficiently and gained lots of good results in budget and cash flow control.

  • Euroda Zhou


    Euroda Zhou is one of the founders of Mingfa Tech. She is now acting more as a financial adviser in Mingfa Tech with less operation in regular management.