3 important data hidden in the LED heatsink specifications

2020-03-17 00:00:00
Modern LED lights have been used in more and more lighting fields, and high-power LEDs have emerged as the times require. However, with the gradual increase of LED power, the problem of heat dissipation has become extremely prominent. When selecting an LED heat sink, the data of the heatsink specification will be used as a basis for judgment. In addition to the product series, type, diameter, height, net weight and other information in the specification, the key parameters of Thermal Resistance, Thermal Wattage, and Cooling Performance are of great significance to the heat dissipation performance analysis of the LED heatsink.

Thermal Resistance(ºC/W

Thermal resistance usually refers to the resistance of the heat flow through the object.That is, the quotient obtained by dividing the difference between the effective temperature of the device and the externally specified reference point temperature by the steady state power dissipation in the device. Excessive thermal resistance makes the temperature too high, which directly affects the wavelength, luminous efficiency and service life of high-power LEDs. At present, the thermal resistance of power LEDs with good heat dissipation should be ≤10 ℃ / W, while the maximum thermal resistance of EtraLED heatsink series is only 7.69 ºC / W, and the minimum is even to 0.77 ºC / W. So this level can ensure the life of the power LED.

Thermal WattageW

When current flows through the junction of the LED chip, the LED will produce visible light. However, LED efficiency is less than 100%, and a large amount of power flowing through the LED is output in the form of heat. Under normal operating conditions, approximately 50% to 60% of the input power is output as heat, and the remaining input power is converted into light. For the most conservative case, it is assume that LEDs convert 25% of the input power into light and output 75% of the input power in the form of heat. The thermal wattage data represents the amount of heat that can be absorbed.


Cooling PerformanceIm

Cooling Performance refers to the luminous flux in LED Academy. The luminous flux emitted by a light source in a unit time, among which the luminous flux that can be produced by the visual person (a person can feel it). Some people doubt whether LED luminous flux is large or small? Of course, it depends on the use of LED. Generally speaking, the larger the better. But the larger the luminous flux is, the more light sources are needed, and the larger the radiator is, the more expensive the price is. So the best choice is the right one. EtraLED heatsink series has a luminous flux range of 300 ~ 9700 Im. Customers can choose the most suitable specific model according to the situation of the LED.


EtraLED heatsink
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To sum up, when browsing the Mingfa Tech product brochure, each product must actually consider all aspects of its information. On the official website, there will be product specifications related to it, which are provided to customers as a deep understanding of the product data.

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