Why do LEDs need this heatsink?

2020-03-02 00:00:00

Maybe most people know heatsinks are an important part of LED lighting. But it is not necessarily known that there is a heat sink that can match more than 20 COB brands in the market, accounting for 85% -95% of the module. Now from the three sides of its material, shape, and surface treatment, explain to why the compatibility is so strong, which is deeply loved by mass customers.

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 Heat Sink Material

The thermal conductivity of the heat sink material is an important factor that directly affects the efficiency of heat dissipation through conduction, making the heat sink extremely strict in material selection. AL6063-T5, an aluminum alloy material, is an alloy formulated with aluminum, magnesium and silicon as the main element, and each element has a certain range of content. Unlike copper, which is costly and difficult to process, 6063 aluminum alloy is a universal and typical extruded alloy with excellent processability, excellent weldability, extruding and plating properties, good corrosion resistance and toughness. Easy to polish, color film and excellent anodizing effect. It is also the most widely used material for most heat sinks provided by MingfaTech, and EtraLED Heat sink uses this material.

Heat Sink Shape

As we all know, heat transfer occurs on the surface of the heat sink, so better heat sinks have larger surface area. Of course, this can be achieved by directly increasing the size of the heatsink, or by designing the heat sink. EtraLED Heat sink belongs to sunflower aluminum extruded LED cooler. Compared with the ordinary Sunflower series on the market, this heat sink optimizes and improves the blades to help more surface transfer heat. It has designed a proper spacing to give enough space. In order to allow the air to circulate better, to achieve a better state of heat dissipation.

Heat Sink Finish

The treatment of the heat sink surface will also directly affect the thermal conductivity, and the surface of the EtraLED Heat sink will be anodized. What is the difference between LED cooler oxidation and non-oxidation? First, under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, an oxide film will be generated, which will improve the surface hardness and abrasion resistance of the aluminum alloy, thereby extending the service life of the aluminum profile heat sink. Second, the painted surface is actually better than the bright unpainted surface, which increases the aesthetics of the product and makes the metal feel stronger.

Therefore, only when the heat dissipation capability of the heat sink is sufficiently good can the LED light be sufficiently durable. Etraeled heat sink can match COB of first-line light source brands in LED industry, such as Adura, Bridgelux, BJB, citizen, Cree, Edison, GE, LG, Lumileds, Lumens, Luminus, LEDIL, Nichia, OSRAM, Philips, Prolight Opto, Samsung, Seoul, sharp, Tridonic, Vossloh Schwabe, Xitao, zhaga, etc. This strong compatibility makes most LED lights choose EtraLED Heat sink.


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