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President of Mingfa Tech went to the United States to open a new round of strategic blueprint.

2019-03-06 00:00:00

Mingfa Tech President Toby Mok went to Las Vegas, USA on February 26 to participate in the global high-end commercial lighting Strategies in Light exhibition. He successfully held a strategic cooperation summit with leading enterprises in the high-end commercial lighting industry and reached a series of strategic cooperation agreements, which further opened up the global market.

Strategies in Light was a highly professional LED lighting exhibition in lighting technology industry, which gathered more than 400 enterprises from 73 countries around the world. During the exhibition, 22 conference forums were held and more than 100 leading speakers in the industry were given. Mingfa Tech learned about the latest LED products and new technologies from the world, discussed with the world's best entrepreneurs and top technical designers to explore the overall solutions in the LED field that could effectively solve the problems of R&D design and cooling technology.

Mingfa Tech-Aluminum Heat Sink-Mingfa Tech President Went To The United States

At the same time, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the top three brands in North America, Canada, Mexico, South America and other regions to implement the great mission of Mingfa Tech “leading the development of the lighting industry through cooling technology services”.  The grand blueprint of Mingfa Tech “Creating an international brand and and Founding a Great Business of Mingfa Tech” into reality.

Mingfa Tech has always been advancing in innovation and practice. It adheres to the enterprise concept of "service speed coordination, innovation and entrepreneurship sharing" , integrates it into the research and development of "heat dissipation system overall solution" products of commercial lighting to provide customers with the most professional and comprehensive one-stop commercial lighting heat dissipation service.

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