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Mingfa Tech Classic: EtraLED series, the most popular product TOP1

2019-03-13 00:00:00

Today Mingfa Tech announced that the EtraLED series continued to win the most popular market award from Mingfa Tech this month. It is made of AL6063-T5 the best aluminum heat sink material. It has heat treatment strengthened, high impact toughness, excellent thermoplasticity, corrosion resistance and surface treatment. After processing, the surface is very smooth and easy to anodize and color. Like a beautiful woman with excellent figure, she can control any style of clothes.

As a classic series of Mingfa Tech, EtraLED series can match 20+ brands of COB modules with mounting holes in Zhaga standard, covering 85-95% of modules. The wavy-fin design is adopted for them, making the heat dissipation effect nearly 15% higher than the ordinary ones.

Mingfa Tech-Finned Aluminum Heat Sink-mingfa Tech Classic: Etraled Series,

Mingfa Tech's R&D technical team stands in the perspective of satisfying customers'needs, taking into account some of the difficulties customers encounter when using them, and continuously optimizes and upgrades under the original design. After repeated testing and inspection, EtraLED extruded heat sink can enable customers to use self-tapping screws to install without tapping. This self-tapping hole design can greatly save the tapping cost and the inventory pressure cost for the customer, and achieve the best efficiency, cost and benefit.

EtraLED has been deeply loved by customers and be seen everywhere in the United States, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada and other developed countries over the years. It has gained high market shares, accumulated good reputation and credibility by offering excellent quality products with a competitive price and exceptional customer service. EtraLED remained on the top of the Mingfa Tech's hot-selling product.

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