Is heat dissipation related to LED lifetime?

2020-05-27 00:00:00

As a new generation of lighting source, LED has the characteristics of green energy saving and environmental protection, which has become a popular reason. Can LED really last more than 100,000 hours? How long is the service life of it? We find the answer in the LED light heat sink.LED chip heat capacity is very small,little heat accumulation will make the chip junction temperature increase rapidly,If working in a high temperature state for a long time, LED lights will accelerate aging, resulting in significant light decay, life linear decline.

How do LED cool down to extend their life? There are three unique heat sink methods on the market:aluminumprofile passive cooling, water cooling, active cooling.

 Aluminumprofile passive cooling

Aluminum material as the main body of heat dissipation, increase the heat dissipation area, which is the most common way of heat dissipation.  For example, Mingfa Tech products are mostly aluminum heat sink.  The FanLED Heat Sink is designed with a new LED cooling module ,suitable for Zhaga Book 3 and Zhaga Book 11 modules,it is widely compatible with more than 20 international COB brands. Compared with ordinary radiator power consumption was reduced by 5%-15%, and high stability. Customers can customize the height according to different types of LED lights. Mostly used for spotlights, down lights, architectural lights, track lights, etc. This kind of light is suitable for retail and hospitality, shopping centers and food, buildings and museums, etc.

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 Water cooling

Water cooling is to make the endothermic cold head device and the cooling plate joint, fully absorb heat, then driven by pump liquid flows through the cold head heat can be taken away, and delivered to heat cold by the fan blow away the heat, go back to the water pump, the cycle to complete cooling. Most of the applications are suitable for large LED equipment, computers, water tank cooling. Water cooling cooling cost is relatively high, most will not be used for small lights.

◪Active cooling

ActiLED Heat Sink, developed by Mingfa Tech, use active heat sink. This series uses an active cooling mode and is equipped with a standard fan of 12V power. The heat generated by the work of LED beads and LED plates can be transferred to the cooling cylinder, and the fan rotates to introduce the external cold air into the cooling cylinder through some vents, and cool the inner wall of the cooling cylinder to complete the cooling. This series of products has obvious advantages, with a service life of up to7-100,000 hours and operation process has little noise, but it adds a variable to the stability of the equipment. Aiming at this problem. Mingfa Tech can offer flexible solution for the customer demand.

In the end, aluminumprofile passive cooling is widely used, high flexibility, good heat sink performance, so that LED lighting products in a limited space for efficient heat dissipation. Mingfa Tech, is a LED Heat Sink manufacturer. For each product excellence, LED lighting is super strong momentum,and light the way for everyone. Click on https://www.mingfatech.com/ to learn more about different types of heat sink products.

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