How to choose plant lighting?

2020-06-02 00:00:00

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the market demand for various products continues to expand, and it is not uncommon to grow vegetables, flowers, plants and other products in greenhouses. The lighting system can convert electrical energy into light for plant growth and development and promote photosynthesis. Modern lighting fixtures and technological advances. LED-based light sources can provide tuned spectrum for applications, making changes in lighting techniques more diversified to meet the spectral requirements of the planting process. The design of cooling modules for plant lighting is even more important. 

Mingfa tech's Horticulture Light Kits keep pace with the times and continue to add different brilliance to plant lighting. Let us explore the mysteries together!

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Flexible LED heat sink module

The top four flat heat sinks ,side fins to be drilled M3 or M4 holes.It can be widely used in Meanwell's round power supply or round standard power supply purchased from the market. The heat sink surface is 40% more than the LED thermal module, which increases the heat sink area and improves the efficiency of heat sink. It is a high-end heat sink products specially designed for highbay and horticulture lights

High-end light source design

The Horticultural Lighting Kit is made of 99.7% high-purity aluminum alloy AL 1070. The solid bottom plate can reach IP65 ~ IP67. It is durable, simple in appearance, and simple to install. The product kit has excellent high-temperature glass transmission and its beam angle is 60°/90°/120°,even light output without glare and suitable for COB and SMD light source.

It can be seen that Mingfa tech's Horticulture Light Kits not only have good heat dissipation performance but also improve the efficiency of LED plant lighting. Whether it is day or night, each filament light source is still as warm as the greenhouse. Mingfa tech, is a LED heat sink manufacturer. Click on  https://www.mingfatech.com/xled-lighting-housing  to learn more about Horticulture Light Kits.

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