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2020-12-16 00:41:55


Mingfa Tech-Large Copper Heatsink, Professional Led Cooler Lights On MINGFA


LED Lighting Kit + Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Products: LED Lighting kits+ dubai, united Arab emirates (this project is specifically noted to be bound by the client's confidentiality agreement)

Product: LED Lighting Kit + Dubai, United Arab Emirates (This project specifically states that it is subject to a customer confidentiality agreement)

The order mainly involves products: radiator xLED-7050-b-z + lamp set products

Customer country: French concept light

Customer type: Lighting Design Engineer

Where to contact customers: Internet, exhibition, email marketing

Number of products purchased by customers: 20 pcs for museum lighting projects in Dubai

Total project value: $3584.53


Order processing details:

Since 2017, Mingfa has partnered with this French customer to provide heat sinks. In April 2018, the customer asked if we could provide a complete lighting solution in addition to the COB and the drive. Customers need a confidentiality agreement to protect the design drawings. Before production, we checked dozens of drawings with our customer engineers via Skype meetings, calls and messages. They paid the tooling fee and provided the final design after one month. Thanks to this good communication, all 20 samples were successfully completed. Due to the good cooperation in the lighting kit, Mingfa received a sample order for another outdoor architectural lighting project.




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