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COB Heat Sink

What are the differences between Mingfa Tech’s COB heat sinks and those not designed or produced by Mingfa Tech? Many people believe that the larger the heat dissipation area is or the larger the size of the heat sink is, the efficiency for the thermal should be the better, when using the cob light source passive cooling. In fact, this is not the case.


We all know that the chip of COB package is more concentrated, the heat is also more concentrated, need enough heat conduction contact area to quickly help the heat sink cob light source to perform heat dissipation by passive cooling.


If the central conducting column of the heat sink is too large, and the heat is not only can not be quickly conducted to the heat sink fins, but there will be a lot of heat attached to the internal heat dissipation, leading to the temperature will be all the way up; Therefore, the heat on the COB light source cannot be transmitted completely, and the life will be rapidly reduced and potential safety hazards may occur.