The 'Par' lamp is a better focusing method

2020-07-16 00:00:00

An incandescent or LED spot or floodlight can put much more light on an area than a lamp with no reflector. A 100 watt incandescent PAR lamp—which, Inside, has a very carefully positioned filament wire--- can put up to 10X more light on a small target than a regular bulb with no reflector !—because the filament and reflector can be precisely matched for excellent focusing.

What this all says is that the ability of a reflector to collect and redirect light from light source is directly related to

1) The size of light source relative to the size of the reflector and

2) The exact position of that light source within the reflector.

In a halogen Par-type spot or flood light, we do not have a small bare filament in a much larger sealed bulb and then that bulb in a reflector-- but instead a short filament wire in a tiny glass “capsule”. As shown in Figure 4 , It is precisely positioned inside at the reflector’s focal point and the reflector has a carefully designed parabolic shape. So the “Par” lamp is a better focusing method to start with. 

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