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XSA Heat Sink Story

XSA-03 Xicato heat sink

The order mainly involves products: XSA-03

Client country: USA -- Hu Lighting

Customer type: end customer

Where do you reach your customers: the Internet

Products and quantity purchased by customers: XSA-03,100,000 PCS per year


Order process details:

We have the cooperative partnership with Hubbell Lighting for 10 years since 2008.

He contacted us and request us to open tooling for his new project first, and we provided the support on design and technical aspects to meet his requirements. And then we successfully made the tooling and submit samples to him to check our quality. After the assessment on the samples, he was satisfied with our quality and place a bulk order 2500pcs to us.From then on, the client places the repeat order every month and we build a long-term partnership.

XSA-28-24 + Australia

Products: XSA-28-24

Corporate clients’s country: Australia

Customer type: Terminal customer 

Customer source: By Website

Quantity: Around 60,000 pcs one year

Order Details: Customer Intralux have been cooperation with us almost 10 years since 2008.

Customer are pay high attention in production time, so we always reply customer’s question and solve the problem first time, short lead times and fast service and product’s  values gain the trust of our clients.