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would you buy this funny-looking bulb?

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-06
Colleagues from the Bits blog: In the coming months, several of the world\'s largest lighting companies, including Osram siwania and Philips, will introduce LED replacement bulbs to markets around the world, including the United States.
Although the bulbs will be praised for their energy
Most consumers immediately think, \"these things look strange. ”And they do. Really weird.
Below is an example of an LED alternative to a standard reflective bulb used on many home ceilings.
Those interesting fins are a \"radiator.
As the LED light source generates all heat through the rear, the manufacturer is increasing the radiator to significantly increase the surface area and allow the heat to dissipate quickly.
Without them, the LED fixture will lose color precision and the life will be greatly shortened.
Read more . . . . . . Comments are no longer accepted. No I wouldn’t.
My app darken the can light.
I tested similar bulbs a year ago.
In residential applications, Can lights usually enter the attic space, but the gap between can and insulation is required.
The PAR halogen I use is hot.
In addition, the jar allows air transmission between the living space and the attic.
So these standard lights are very unfriendly to the environment. In addition.
We use dimmers on all of these lights because you don\'t always want the look and feel of that bright halogen light.
If you look at the fine patterns on these bulbs . . . . . .
There is no dimmer and there is no access to the insulated jar.
So I \'ve been testing new dimmable fluorescent lights, and I don\'t hold my breath anymore as a replacement.
How well do you think the heat exchanger fins will work after several months of dust accumulation?
Of course, you can vacuum all the bulbs every week. Only $145. 00 each. Its insanity.
No one with the right mind will buy these things.
The $145 bulb has a lumen of 640-830 and a power of 15 watts.
According to energystar, compact fluorescent lamps that basically do not have rebates from power companies can output 800 lumens using 13-15 watts.
I have never seen LED bulbs with radiators before.
LEDs often do not require radiators because they will glow rather than a lot of heat.
It sounds like they are powering on to the manufacturer\'s specifications to get more light and they have to absorb the heat.
All they get for their trouble is something as efficient as a compact fluorescent, and something a hundred times more expensive.
These are wierd LED bulbs.
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