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would you buy this funny-looking bulb?

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-06
In the coming months, several of the world\'s largest lighting companies, including Osram siwania and Philips, will launch LED replacement bulbs to various markets in the world, including the United States.
Although the bulbs will be praised for their energy
Most consumers immediately think, \"these things look strange. ”And they do. Really weird.
Below is an example of an LED alternative to a standard reflective bulb used on many home ceilings.
Those interesting fins are a \"radiator.
As the LED light source generates all heat through the rear, the manufacturer is increasing the radiator to significantly increase the surface area and allow the heat to dissipate quickly.
Without them, the LED fixture will lose color precision and the life will be greatly shortened.
This is especially important for these reflective bulb alternatives.
The recessed reflector bulb, which is usually placed on the ceiling today, is designed for standard incandescent lamps that pass most of the Heat forward.
Anyone is guessing how they will cope with the long term use of the new generation of bulbs that send heat back to the ceiling.
Aesthetically, if the odd shapes of the bulb are mostly hidden under the ceiling or lampshade, then they will not be a problem.
But what happens with other bulbs outdoors, like track lighting?
A company in West Lake Village, California
Translate design defects into functionality.
Diary©E lighting has just started selling track lighting that emphasizes radiators.
Diary©E is marketing seven different colors of its LED
Lotus lamps from golden yellow to Bordeaux red.
These devices look a bit like a replica of the ruthless man spacecraft in the 1930 second Flash Gordon series.
While you may find them a bit exaggerated, they are already installed at the Green Tech Center in Chicago and Universal Studios.
These fixtures are designed for the commercial market and are a bit expensive: the price per fixture is about $400.
But the price of LED technology is falling sharply.
In February, the company will sell its latest generation of Pentas with more than 60% light output per watt.
The home version is coming soon.
Costco has approached the company to design a set of rail lighting kits.
The company\'s goal is to use cheaper manufacturing technology to sell three fixtures and tracks for about $200.
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Good idea. if I live to millions, I will pay for myself.
At least they won\'t bring mercury into my house.
The bulb will definitely live longer with mercury than you do-but not for the right reasons.
Then, compact-
If the government forces us to buy these things, they must be safe.
Of course, they also recommend to evacuate the family and ventilate for a while before your child puts one of them down and cleans up.
But hey, what is the progress without risk?
Mike, if you\'re worried about Mercury, you should know that compact fluorescent bulbs are less polluting with mercury than the incandescent lamps they replace, although incandescent lamps are free of Mercury.
The highest source of mercury in air and water in the United States is burning fossil fuels, such as coal, in powered utilities.
Since the compact fluorescent bulb uses 75% less energy than incandescent lamps and lasts at least 6 times longer, its impact on mercury pollution is much smaller in the long run. A coal-
The mercury produced by burning power plants is four times that of incandescent lamps, not four times that of compact fluorescent bulbs.
My advice: Don\'t let your child handle CFL and dsipose correctly at your local recycling center.
\"Good idea, pay for myself if I live to millions.
\"Of course, they are expensive right now, but in 5 years they will be very affordable and it will be easy to pay for themselves quickly with the energy you will save.
Mike, I think you\'re exaggerating the risk of mercury.
I have been using as many CFLs as possible for most of the decade and have never been damaged-
I don\'t have any children. I\'m 10 years old now.
They seem to be much harder than standard incandescent lamps.
I have been following LED lighting for a long time.
Nice to see some notifications of indoor lighting opportunities for consumers from led.
Don\'t forget that there are a lot of options for LED string lights as holidays come along. Hey genius !
How much electricity did these babies use?
In similar applications, a typical halogen lamp or incandescent lamp may use about 150 watts per bulb.
A typical compact fluorescent bulb takes about 23 watts per bulb.
How many watts are these LEDs
Based on the use of alternatives?
The first one looks a lot like a nice shower head. FINE WITH ME.
Price will stop my wife. Not for me!
I stick my candle and butter on the torch!
Good ventilation.
I look forward to this.
Unlike compact fluorescent lamps, the led can give you any color you want.
So these can perfectly complement your room, not the horrible shades of green or yellow.
If they are so energy efficient, how do they produce so much heat compared to fluorescence?
Life is one thing, but these sound like the summer will increase your cooling costs.
They will help at least in the winter!
Such as fluorescence (including CFLs)
For me and many other migraine patients, I can say that I have been waiting anxiously for the arrival of my family --
Use led for a while.
I can\'t wait to come with a light bulb [at least soon]
More energy efficient than any fluorescent bulb-no nasty Mercury worries and no reluctance --
It can cause obvious flashes of migraine attacks. Hallelujah!
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