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With the emergence of several industries and manufacturers

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-05-18
There is an estimated 2500 trade shows annually in the United States alone and the figure continue to grow elsewhere in the world. In some developing countries, which have less developed system of advertisement, the shows provide great platforms for adverts. The buyers get the opportunity of contacting the manufacturers directly; hence improve manufacturer-buyer relations. The shows which are sometimes classified as 'public' or trade only' depending on the purpose are said to provide a huge estimated annual worth of $300 billion. Trade shows to the large extend make much economic sense. Not only do the exhibitors make money, they also get the opportunity to take public views on relevant subjects. Several data and polls are normally collected or taken during the shows which would have been much expensive on other fora. But trade shows do not g without displays. To attract more buyers, most exhibitors have resorted to accompanying their products with displays including music, comedian characters, shoeshine, opera singers and many other forms of entertainment. The fair organizers sometimes organize concert shows and other entertaining programs to attract others who may not even have the intentions to shop. Many buyers have confessed that they never intended to shop, but were lured by some attractive scene when they visited the site for entertainment. Trade show displays are mostly described as the backbone of every trade fair or show. Though trade shows are advertisement in itself, it is virtually not without trade show displays. They come in many forms and types. They include banner stands; pop up displays, fabric displays, modular displays, truss systems, table top displays, panel displays, podium displays, outdoor displays and many others. Trade show displays normally have certain graphics and designs which attract visitors to always take a second look. More sophisticated banners are being developed these days, and the most prominent ones are the retractable banner stands. They are also called 'roller up banners, pull up banners or simply banner stand. They are actually said to be the perfect solutions to fast and easy set ups. Retractable banners are convenient to use and can easily be set up, removed or handled. Most can be folded and easily travel with. Exhibitors have a choice to a wide range of banners according to their weights, dimensions, functionality and cost. Some manufacturers have designed a portable LED spotlight for pop ups which are environmentally friendly, long life expectancy, and can be used without cooling fans.
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