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Why Consider Aluminum Heat Sinks


In both mechanical and economic devices, Heat sinks are very important since they perform as the passive heat exchanger that performs heat transferring to the fluid medium which is normally air, from averagely hot components. Heat sinks are of various types which are made via an aluminum extrusion process be it aluminum heat sink or copper heat sink. For our case, we are going to cover aluminum heat sinks. When they undergo the aluminum extrusion process, they are anodized too. Let us consider the anodization process first.


Anodization Process


A process of anodization is done electrochemically and the aluminum surface is not applied with anything like powder and paint coating. As for this process, the metal has got an occurring layer of oxide with it naturally on its surface which protects the metal from being corroded that anodization thickens it. The anodization process works when the extrusions are put in a bath which is electrolytic where high-amperage, low voltage direct current is then passed through the extrusions. It then thickens an oxide layer hence developing porous surface.

The anodization process makes aluminum heat sinks to have a porous layer that makes it beneficial compared to other heat sinks. Such advantages are many like decoration, pricing, energy saving, weight, material saving, among others but for us, we will briefly consider main advantages of the aluminum heat sink as opposed to other heat sinks. They are as below:


Advantages of the aluminum heat sink


1. Aluminum profiles have got an efficient thermal conductivity factor that is so decisive in ideally maintaining correct heat dissipation and the best medium conversion energy. Such features that lead to this benefit in aluminum heat sinks are heating fast, less time, easy and light fabrication and machining, and a high level of efficiency.

2. The aluminum heat sink is very light in that; steel heat sink is three times heavier than the aluminum heat sink. The material is the lightest when compared to all other heat sinks metals; it can be easily installed and portable as well; hence no problems when traveling to various locations with it.

3. Aluminum heat sinks have the best thermal conductivity, high mechanical performance strength and fast heating dissipation. Anodized aluminum has an extruded profile which makes it able to be extruded to different heat sink profile shapes, making its appearance beautiful and fashionable, with an excellent effect of decoration. The aluminum surface may be anodized, or mill finished surface. The heat sink is mostly anodized after the process of machining hence giving perfect corrosion and oxidation resistance.

4. When you compare aluminum heat sink prices with that of other materials, you will realize the price of heat sinks made of aluminum is most reasonable and affordable.


Does color affect the performance of the heat sink?


Aluminum extrusions are anodized also to bring colored dyes on their surfaces. The created layer of porous oxide on the aluminum surface may be dyed hence be locked in which is a fading resistance. You can decide to dye anodized heat sinks in various colors that you want. However, always remember the main effect of coloring is for great visual appeal. Heat transfer can’t be affected by any color since colors mainly aim at bringing good visual to people. You also must never powder or paint coat on heat sinks since they may act as insulators which eventually impact on heat transfer negatively.


Is Anodized Heat Sinks Best For Your projects?


Anodized heat sinks have great advantages and benefits when used like; they improve wear resistance, wear resistance, and electrical heat sinks isolation and increase the surface emissivity too. Improved emissivity leads to a difference in passive, small heat sinks. For active heat sinks, there is a very minimal difference, and on large heat sinks, there is less difference in improved heat transfer radiation. When heat sinks are anodized, their appearance is improved with the colored dyes hence better when marketing. For these reasons, then yes you need to use anodized heat sinks in your projects.


From all comparisons and analysis, it is found that aluminum heat sinks are the best heat sinks material one should select for every project they have. Such materials are mostly used in automobile fields, machinery, construction machinery, wind power generation, railway locomotives, air compressors, and also appliances in the households due to the great performances they have.

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