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Why choose PowerGROWTM?


Since the introduction of Horticulture Light Kits for plant lighting, Mingfa Tech has continued to conduct in-depth research on plant lighting and independently developed and designed the plant growth light PowerGROWTM

For growing crops in small internal spaces, PowerGROWTM provides the best light formula for lighting. It is suitable for artificial light plant factory nursery, greenhouse and other facilities for agricultural cultivation, supplementary lighting, flowering period adjustment, flower color, fruit coloring, enhance taste and quality, promote plant growth, shorten plant growth cycle, improve plant output quality and efficiency.

So how does it provide high-performance fill light solutions for plants?

Strong flexibility

Composed of four independent Par30 bulbs, each bulb holder can be installed with a 40w Par30 bulb, which can be removed and replaced, and can adjust different irradiation positions to maintain excellent PPFD uniformity and efficiency. When the greenhouse needs lights of different powers and beam angles, they can freely replace the matching Par30 bulbs, and the luminous efficiency is high, suitable for 100% high humidity operating environment, and the scope of application is wide.

Professional spectrum customization

The professional light-holding formula and light appearance design accurately provide low power consumption, high efficiency and uniform light pattern and light distribution with the appropriate wavelength and color ratio. The spectrum of the plant growth light is adjusted according to the needs of plant growth. Promoting plant photosynthesis, shorten plant growth cycle, and improve plant output efficiency.

Unique appearance design

The appearance is simple and beautiful, which basically meets the arbitrary design of the structure and shape of LED lights, and has the distinctive characteristics of LED lights. And the service life is long, working up to 50,000 hours, which fully guarantees the LED heat sink  requirements and service life, and is easy to assemble.

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Choosing PowerGROWTM, sprinkle the light into the grass and trees in the greenhouse, light up the small stage in your heart, blooming your own halo. Mingfa Tech, is a LED heat sink manufacturer. Click on the https://www.mingfatech.com/grow-light to learn more about PowerGROWTM .


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