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why blue leds are worth a nobel prize

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-29
hat bluish-
The white light from the screens of most new TVs, smartphones, laptops and tablets comes from light-
LEDs, I . e. LEDs.
Many businesses illuminate their working space with LEDs.
More and more led lights up the outdoor street signs and traffic lights.
Some homeowners are starting to use this new way of lighting to light up their rooms.
Now, most cars and trucks use the same LEDs in tail lights.
Three scientists won 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for developing technologies that make this lighting possible.
Tuesday, October 7, three Japan
A natural scientist-
Chiaki, Hiroshi Tianye and nak trees--
Because the invention of blue light won the Nobel Prize in Physics.
LEDs--a new energy-
Efficient and environment-friendly light source.
According to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the commission awarded this honor included a prize of 8 million crowns (Rs 6.
8 crore/Rs 68 million)
In the early 1990 s, when amura, Chi Minh and Amono emitted bright blue light from semiconductors, they triggered a fundamental change in lighting technology.
The committee further explained that LED lights are promising to improve the quality of life over 1 year old.
There are 5 billion people in the world who cannot use the power grid.
The question he is asking now is whether a semiconductor chip that has completely changed the way we live can give us the answer today is that it can.
This chip for lighting is not made of silicon, silicon is used for electronic products, but more complex semiconductors made of gallium, indium, arsenic, nitrogen, aluminum, phosphorus alloys.
Since the turn of the century, it has been known that some semiconductors glow when the current passes through the semiconductor.
However, it will take nearly a hundred years for technology to do the job efficiently and cheaply.
The discovery and perfection of the direct conversion of electricity into light also led to the opposite, that is, the development of more efficient solar panels to convert light into electricity.
The bright LEDs he first invented give out red, then orange and yellow light.
However, it was not until a Japanese scientist, Nakamura, invented a bright blue LED, and later invented a white LED, that the attempt to produce a green and blue LED was very successful. 1990s.
The work of Nak village has made the whole area brighter, followed by intense activity that has led to rapid growth.
He worked hard with little money and over the years fantasized and came up with blue LEDs.
Nichia, the company he was working at, is today one of the world leaders in blue and white LEDs and lasers.
He left Nichia a few years ago and today he is a faculty member at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
EDs for lighting has many advantages.
They convert electricity into light more effectively than incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps.
In fact, the energy in incandescent lamps is wasted on heat.
LEDs also last longer-
Up to 1,00, 000 hours--
This is running continuously for more than 12 years.
In the case of incandescent lamps, they last 1,000 hours, while the fluorescent lamp lasts 10,000 hours.
For example, the LED also consumes less power, which is why the battery in the LED flashlight seems to last forever.
If you are alone in remote areas, camping, and even during natural disasters, these are ideal for led.
However, as with all technologies, there are indeed some defects and weaknesses in the led.
Brightness of Led--
This is measured with electricity lumens per watt. -
Still far from meeting the standard required for highlight lighting.
Second, the product is still expensive, and finally, the light is very bright in one direction, so the LED light pointing to your workbench or flashlight works very well, but if you try to light up your room with it then you end up using too many LED lights.
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