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who made that hair dryer?

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-19
1888 Alexander
Ferdinand Godfrey, French-
Stylist inventor-
The earliest ancestor of the hair dryer was patented.
The device will \"connect to any suitable heater\", which will send hot air through a pipe to the dome around the woman\'s head.
The use of this device is very extensive: in order to use it to wash your hair, Godefroy recommends removing all the pieces, except for a piece similar to the edge of the straw hat, which is fixed on the woman\'s head,(
Godefroy wrote: \"There is another use that can apply the device, that is, to shape the wig --holders. ”)
Godefroy\'s invention includes a steam escape valve so that women\'s heads don\'t cook.
But the machine and subsequent gas hair dryers lack the second element of a modern hairdryer: airflow.
In fact, in the early 20 th century, advertisements and inventors urged women to wear hair accessories.
A dry hose for the exhaust of a vacuum cleaner, which sells not only dry locks, but also dry locks with the highest efficiency.
A 1926 patent provides a brush that can be \"connected to a suitable suction device or blower, and dust and dirt can be taken away when using said brush.
At the same time, inventors began to combine heat
Generate motor and fan manually
Hold electric hair dryers that are very similar to what we have today, although they are heavier and have a risk of electric shock in the bathtub.
But the hair dryer didn\'t really take off until it was in its 1920 s, which happened to be the same time that utilities started sending Irons, toasters and hot plates to sales, trying to push consumer appliances during the day, to eliminate the heavier residential electrical use at night.
It was also when Bob was popular.
\"What you used to do was sit in front of the heat source or outside in the sun, comb or comb your hair until it dries,\" said Rachel Menes . \", A visiting scholar studying the history of science and technology at Cornell University.
\"If you have long hair, you will wash it once a week if you do it often.
But bob needs frequent cleaning, and more importantly, styling.
\"With clean, shiny, fluffy hair --that’s a 20th-century thing.
Helen Powell in British retro style
Website Obsessionistas collects vintage hair dryers.
When did you start collecting?
About five years ago.
A friend of mine is cleaning up her mom\'s attic and telling me that she will meet several old hair dryers.
Have you used it?
Many of them are ahead of current electrical safety standards, so it may not be a good idea.
Is there any special emotional value?
I grew up in my 1970 s and remember my mom had a Braun Taylor --
Very orange, over 70
Comes with a variety of accessories designed to allow you to create Farrah Fawcett-
Style Movies and waves, so when I met one of them a few years ago, I \'d love to add it to my collection.
Which one do you like best?
My favorite is probably the 1920 s Sol German hair dryer.
Although it was designed nearly a century ago, it is not much different from many designs today. The basic hold-and-
With a few exceptions, the design of the point pistol has remained the same for nearly a hundred years.
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