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by:Mingfa Tech     2020-06-02
Not only is making your home more energy efficient beneficial to the value of your house, but it could also save you a lot of money on bills. There are many ways that you could make your home more environmentally friendly and some of these include: Loft Insulation Having good insulation for your loft is a fantastic way to make your home more environmentally friendly as it can reduce the amount of gas that you use. Your choice of insulation may be difficult as the previously popular fiberglass is less-commonly used as it is prone to release gas ergo decreasing your air quality. It is now recommended that you use non-toxic cellulose or cotton as these are both energy efficient and do their insulating job well. Having a Greener Garden Looking after your garden and planting flowers for the summer is always aesthetically pleasing when someone comes to your home but you can go one step further. By carefully planting trees in the correct places they could potentially absorb the wind hitting your house making it warmer in the winter and provide your home with shade in the summer. Treating your garden with care is a fantastic way of attracting potential buyers and growing your own vegetables is a great cost-effective hobby. Improving Windows and Doors On average your home loses 30% of its heat through windows which could force you to turn up your heating when it comes to the harsh winters; similarly with doors. Windows and doors are just as important for the insulation of your home as the actual insulation itself. They can release more heat than you initially thought. Improve this by providing your home with well-sealed windows and exterior doors and it is an excellent idea to add wooden frames to your doors as they are more efficient than others. Energy Efficient Ways of Cooling During the warmer weather it is just important that you use cooling tools just as you would use heating in the summer. Using a fan over an air conditioner is a lot more energy efficient and the procedures that you take to keep the heat in could also keep the cold air in during the summer months. Energy Efficient Lighting There has been a recent uproar for energy efficient lighting as it is becoming more prominent all-over the globe. You can improve and make your lighting more efficient in a variety of different ways: and for it to work effectively it is a good idea to enforce all of them into your home, these include: Motion sensors are a fantastic way of making your home more energy efficient if you tend to be a forgetful person. These are designed to automatically turn on and off whether they sense motion in the room or not allowing you to not worry about whether you have switched off all the lights. Light dimmers are an exceptional way of keeping your home environmentally friendly and also give you the ability to set the mood within a room. By having these installed you can personally make the choice of how much energy you are using and how much light you want into one specific room. LED lights are the replacement to the regular incandescent lights as they are far more efficient than any other source of lighting. Not only are LED lights more environmentally friendly they could save you thousands on your electricity bill over a period of time.
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