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When setting up LED, LCD and plasma displays outside

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-05-24
Organizations are seeing the prospect of digital outdoor signage to boost their business and this is increasing in need, as we know all businesses need to advertise their merchandise or services. The explanation this has not been done in earlier years is that the hardware has come down in cost and now there are solutions to safeguard the outdoor digital signage hardware from the local climate. Rain Defense. If you imagine putting either a LCD or plasma panel out of doors without protection, how long will it last? The answer is that as soon as the rain comes the screen would be rendered useless, as a result of rain causing the screen to short circuit. Snow Safeguard. In the United kingdom recently with the unforeseen change in weather and snow becoming a massive challenge, many people are struggling dealing with the snow and the sub zero temperatures, so think of how a plasma or LCD television would cope - it wouldn't. This is why an outdoor TV cabinet is the solution as these casings have a built in heater that starts working before the temperature drops too low and the crystals freeze in the display, these heaters also fight condensation build up within the cabinet when the panel produces heat. The best cooling methods are thermostatically controlled, giving the user total control over the inner climate inside of the enclosure and is not restricted to one country. Why put Televisions in the open? Due to the fact that prices are cut on plasma and LCD televisions, like all modern day technology they are highly costly when the models first come out, then over a period of time the prices begin to plummet, this is why a budget entry LCD screen makes the perfect promoting solution, as it can deliver high definition photographs and videos to give eye grabbing marketing opportunities. Outdoor Home TVs. With the Television prices coming down so much, people are look forward to spending the weekend with spouse and children after working hard all week, so to enjoy the quality time to the optimum some people are fitting TVs in their backyards and on decks, this permits the family to watch the game together. But there is one point we have not looked at and that is the anti theft alternatives, or else is would be futile setting up either a digital signage or an outdoor TV if it wasn't shielded. The greatest solution is the enclosure that mounts flush to the wall, this means that no bars can be put down the back of the housing to lever it off the wall, using anchor bolts provides the best secure alternative. Now the locks are the weakest link, so unless the LCD enclosure is mounted high up so people cannot reach it, the locks have to be anything other than cam locks, as cam locks are persistently used in the enclosure industry with one problem - they can be opened with anything from a chisel to a screwdriver.
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