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When buying a major appliance like a fridge freezer

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-06-07
You can select a model with the freezer section on top or on the bottom, whichever you think would be the most convenient, or you may choose an American style fridge freezer with the freezer and fridge side by side. If you buy a fridge freezer with two thermostats, you can turn off one section and leave the other on. This option is useful when you defrost the freezer or go for a holiday. Frost-free models have a defrost cycle that prevents a build-up of ice in the freezer, so you will not have to do periodic defrosting. However, the thawing that takes place during the cycle tends to dry out some foods if they are not wrapped correctly, and if you keep ice cubes for a while before using them, they will eventually evaporate. Most modern appliances have shelves that you can adjust to suit your needs, and glass shelves clean easily and keep spills from dripping onto the shelves below them. Today's models are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. When manufacturers use natural gases like Isobutene as cooling agents, they do not harm the ozone layer or add to global warming. Select a model with a high energy efficiency rating to save money on your energy bills. A Samsung fridge freezer is a good choice for many reasons. It uses a thin but efficient insulation, which gives extra space inside to hold more food. Its LED light tower in the back of the appliance saves more space and lights both sections. Each section has its own cooling system, and the appliance has the highest energy efficiency rating. The freezer door holds an icemaker that can accommodate even tall glasses or pitchers under the water and ice dispenser, and since it is located in the door, there is more storage space in the freezer. Food stays fresh longer, because multiple outlets supply even cooling by bringing cool air to each shelf and recovering the right temperature quickly after the door opens and closes. With the many new options available, like a super cool setting that will keep the fridge cool when you put a large quantity of warm food in it, compartments with controlled humidity, an alarm to warn you if the appliance gets too warm and a fast freeze setting to freeze a large amount of food quickly, you are sure to enjoy your new fridge freezer. You will not only have a more convenient appliance, but you should also notice a decrease in your energy bills.
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