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What is the Difference Between LED and COB LED?


We love light. Darkness is something that always scares us. Light is power and we truly appreciate it. But not all kinds of lights are created equally. Man has invented different types of lights, LEDs and COB LEDs are just some of them. LED lighting is powerful because it has a lot of efficiencies when producing light. This is not happening with the traditional bulb, which tends to consume a lot of electricity. The COB LED is the evolution of LED and it can do great things.

We will talk about what is LED and COB LED light, so you can truly appreciate the differences between these two lighting technologies. You will truly appreciate what they can bring to the table when it comes to illuminating an area that you can think of. We think that you should continue reading so you can check out the differences.

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What is LED?

LED lighting has a semiconductor device that emits infrared energy when an electrical current is running through them. This type of lighting uses two sorts of semiconducting materials. This causes a slight alteration of their electrical properties from an intrinsic form. N-type and p-type are the two types of semiconducting materials LED lighting uses.

The n-type and p-type are created when the original material is introduced to atoms of any other element. The chemical and physical structure of the material is altered when new atoms replace some of the atoms that previously existed. 

If you take a look at the p-type materials, you will notice they have fewer valance electrons than any intrinsic material. Then, a p-n junction is created that causes the net effect. This has a lot of useful and interesting properties to develop electronic applications. The external voltage that is applied to the circuit along with the current's direction will determine what these properties will be.

Remember that LED stands for the light emitting diode. You have to know that these lights produce 90% more efficient light than any incandescent light out there. An electrical current lights the tiny light sources when passing through a microchip. If you use an optical lens or even a cover, you will notice that light loss will happen when this LED bean just passes through the cover or lens.

What is COB LED?

COB stands for chips on board. This is just a new LED packaging technology for any LED light engine. The effect is a lighting panel. These chips are just packed together forming one lighting module. The COB LED is 10 times more powerful than traditional LED when it comes to light.

A COB LED light can light a really huge area. COB LED light will not produce any sort of uncomfortable glare because it will spread the light on a huge area. This will not happen with the traditional LED lighting out there. LED also produce zebra strips, which does not happen in the case of COB LEDs. You have to know that COB LEDs have tons of advantages in terms of thermal resistance, light efficacy, lighting effect, and cooling area.

If you are looking for a lot of heat conductivity, a COB LED light is for you. They have the least thermal resistance that you can think of. They also have a large conductivity area. Effective heat dissipation is another property of COB LEDs too.

Remember that LED lighting is 90% more efficient than any traditional light out there. If you use an optical lens or even a cover, you will experience a light loss with this type of lighting too. Remember also that COB LED is the next generation LED. It is just a packaging technology that any LED engine can use with success these days. You have been experiencing an uncomfortable glare, a COB LED is for you. They will do so because they can truly spread the light on any huge spot too.

A COB LED will not cause any sort of zebra strip. If you want to develop a wide array of electronic applications, LED light is for you. Taking the LED field to a new level is possible with the creation of COB LED. A lighting panel is produced also by the COB LED down the road. Remember that LED and COB LED are not the same, and we hope that you have learned more about their differences in the blogpost. And if you want to know more information about COB LED, you can find in the  official website.

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