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What honors has MingfaTech obtained?
The honor for MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited is always domestic. It is also recognized by customers in some foreign countries. Certification is evidence of performance. We will do our endeavor to get international certification.

MingfaTech is becoming more competitive in manufacturing and marketing lighting housing in today's fierce market competition. MingfaTech has created a number of successful series, and led heat sink is one of them. The production of Mingfa Tech 100w cob led heatsink adopts a standardized and scientific LED lighting process. From wafer fabrication, polish to cleaning, each step is done via a rigorous process. The matte texture makes this product more fashionable. People will see the benefits it brings in the long run. It not only efficient in reducing energy demand, but also in reducing people's electricity costs. It shows excellent weatherability, anti-contamination, and self-cleaning property.

MingfaTech Manufacturing values its work in terms of the value our customers added. Please contact.
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