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What about the production flow for cooler led in MingfaTech?
MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited continuously optimize production processes and upgrade production equipment, so that we maintain a dominant position in the cooler led field. Through long-term and determined efforts, we have significantly reduced costs and enhanced our competitiveness. Our factory can see efficient production processes.

MingfaTech is a full-service company involving the design, marketing, production, transportation, and technical assistance of 100w cob led heatsink. MingfaTech has created a number of successful series, and active heat sink is one of them. After years of improvement, the design of Mingfa Tech led cooling module is loved by artists and professionals and it provides a feeling of writing, signing, or drawing naturally, allowing users to focus on what really matters. The material of this product has an ideal thermal conductivity. smd heat sink is smart, efficient, and power-saving. With intelligent power-off technology, it will switch into sleep mode automatically when it doesn't work for a long time.

MingfaTech Manufacturing has accumulated a lot of OEM and ODM customization experience on big heat sink. Check it!
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