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What about MingfaTech delivery accuracy?
MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited ensures that each delivery is at least 99% accurate. The thorough test is made on the finished product to ensure that the quality meets the standards. In the customized service, we will exchange ideas with you to ensure that the product meets the requirements.

Since the establishment, MingfaTech has manufactured a collection of quality led heatsink diy. We are recognized as a renowned company in China. MingfaTech has created a number of successful series, and heat sink compound for led is one of them. By virtue of the adhesive coating layer, smd heatsink has strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. It will not be oxidized or discolored during long-term wear. It is of good durability and long service life. The product can perfectly meet people's demand for energy conservation and money saving. It brings both economic and environmental benefits. This product is proven to be environmentally protective.

Supported by our professional staff, Mingfa Tech has enough confidence to produce thermal heat sink. Check it!
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