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Weiber plant tissue culture chamber was specifically

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-16
Our chamber are conceptualized and designed to create study and contemplate the effects of different environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature and light in various applications test involving micro organisms, plant, tissues, animals etc. apart from various customized industrial and research applications. Weiber plant tissue culture chamber are essentially double walled units with effective thermal insulation between the double walls for increased thermal efficiency. The unit uses high quality construction materials such as high grade stainless steel sheets or anodized aluminum sheets for inner walls and pre-treated, powder-coated or painted thick PCRC sheets for external walls. The unit usually comes equipped with double doors, featuring an outer mild steel door with stainless steel inner surface and an inner transparent door made up of plexi glass or float glass for ease of monitoring. The inner glass door is usually magnetically operated and comes equipped with a lock and key arrangement for added safety. The four shelves channel the airflow upward which acts to minimize the formation of condensation inside the lids of Petri dishes and other tissue culture vessels. The plant tissue culture chamber is equipped with customizable shelves that can be arranged according to the requirements of the sample and the sample size. The equipment is also provided with adequate number of fans and efficient motors for maintaining the air circulation within the chamber and for uniform distribution of heat. The equipment also features an efficient cooling system that helps in dissipating the excess heat generated by plant cells and tissues. Moreover our plant tissue culture chambers use programmable microprocessor based controllers for temperature, ensuring highly accurate and optimum working conditions within the equipment. They also use an efficient humidification system for maintaining optimum humidity levels for optimum plant growth. The humidification system ideally comprises of an aerosol humidity generator that releases fine aerosol particles in the form of mist across the plant surfaces. It is also provided with a humidity controller and indicator and LED/LCD display for ease of monitoring and control.
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