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Warmly welcome Russian customers to visit Mingfa Tech for business discussion


On August 29, 2018, the Russian customer came to Mingfa Tech’s headquarters for a field visit. The customer is a national chain of commercial lighting enterprises in Russia. At first, the Russian customer sent the intention on Mingfa Tech’s official website in April, and Mingfa Tech also sent some heat sink samples to the customer. Later, both sides gradually established contact and trust. The customer has place the order on the mold in Mingfa Tech’s factory and he wanted to visit the factory and learn Mingfa Tech’s strength.

Colleagues from Customer Services Department, engineers from Engineering Department warmly received guests from afar. Accompanied by colleagues of CSV, the Russian customer visited the heat sink samples in the meeting room. In the process of visit, detailed product introduction was offered completely to the customer with answers to his questions carried on the specialized solution. At the same time, both sides discussed the progress of the 12w heat sink project and the cost and quality of the heat sink. Afterwards, both parties came to the company's R&D center, and the director of R&D department conducted on-site testing and experiments on the company's heat sinks for customers, and the product quality was highly evaluated by customers.

Mingfa Tech’s rich professional knowledge and well-trained ability to work has provided the customer with a deep impression. Both sides have conducted discussions in-depth on future cooperation and hope to achieve win-win and common development in the prosperous cooperation projects in the future.