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ultimate fps boosting guide

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-22
Imagine the scene: your game on the super LED desktop computer. . . from 2008.
Once a powerful computer, able to play any HD game at an amazing 120fps, it now runs almost no games like CS: GO without going down to the unplayable frame rate.
However, nothing is lost.
With a few tips and tips, this guide will help you reach 60 fps in games that use old hardware.
I\'m going to split this guide into hardware and software just to make things a little easier.
If you find that your hardware should be able to run a game but you don\'t get what you expect, please stay in the software section.
If you have done your best to optimize the game to the hardware of your PC, check the hardware section.
You may find that if the current hardware is too outdated for the game or app you are trying to run, you will have to upgrade it. Disclaimer (
I know that there is very little chance of this happening, but it has to be done)
: Using my instructures tutorial, I am not responsible for any data loss, hardware failure, or other such events.
If you have damaged your computer because of overclocking or misuse, or lost data because there is no correct backup, I am not responsible. Sorry :)
This guide is mainly about desktop computers in the hardware section, which may be added later!
Source: www. freeimages. com , pixabay.
ComNow, the reason you came here on structures: FPS improved!
In this section, I will introduce the software aspects of your computer.
This includes any settings for any data running on the computer.
Other things such as overclocking (
This can also be said to be in the software)
The hardware section will introduce the hardware upgrade.
This is probably the most obvious option to improve FPS, but it is also very effective.
It reduces the load on hardware by reducing the texture quality of objects (such as character models or project models) and increasing the number of frames per second of the computer.
I recommend putting the settings in the lowest possible position, and if performance is good enough for you, gradually increase each setting until you reach the best position for good performance and good visuals.
Shadows, Shader details and anti-effects
Samples are used to make the game more beautiful (
The latter makes the jagged edge appear more curved)
However, these all impose more taxes on your hardware.
I suggest reducing shadows and-
Alias for performance enhancement.
Again, gradually increase these settings from the lowest level until you are happy with your performance and visuals as good as they will get.
Also, try to minimize texture filtering as it will also reduce your frame rate, but at the cost of image quality.
I personally prefer sports to be blurred.
It helps smooth the jagged frame rate by blurring the background at the expense of several frames per second.
If you don\'t mind motion blur and you\'re about 30-40 fps.
If your frames per second are too low, it won\'t have much impact and it looks almost choppy compared to no frames.
I personally can\'t stand motion blur, so I usually turn it off.
Make sure V-Sync (
Or vertical sync)
Because even if your display can only display specific frames per second (
Measured in hertz or Hertz)
The more you have, the smoother the game will be.
It may bring more load to your hardware, but it will improve the overall fluency of playback.
About 120 fps is perfect if your game has a variable frame limit (
144 fps if you have a nice 144 hz Display).
Reduce any other available video settings if you can, and I suggest you do so.
In large open world games, unwanted textures (such as clouds) or maximum pixels (such as Minecaft), or shorter render distances, will help improve performance.
A separate performance boost may not be that impressive, but it does increase in general.
Remember to turn off power saving mode in the game and turn on the enhanced performance in the windows power settings.
While it does mean that your computer will consume more power or less battery life, it can help improve performance and overclocking.
By reducing the resolution of the game\'s operation, you can reduce the original Pixel output of the computer hardware, thus reducing the overall load of the system.
If you are using a display of 1920x1080 pixels, try lowering it to a display resolution of 1280x720 or even lower to see the improvements.
You will even find it helpful to change the screen scale.
The most common display ratio is 16: 10 (E. G. 1680x1050), 16:9 (E. G. 1920x1080)and 4:3 (E. G. 1024x768).
You also reduce the image quality by reducing the display output (
Important sometimes)
So this is usually the \"last resort \".
Hardware and game drivers are also very important for game performance and need to be updated regularly to ensure you make the most of your hardware.
In the lifetime of the graphics card driver, it can have up to 25% performance improvements for certain games, which is huge if you think about it.
You can usually find the latest driver under your graphics card name on your GPU manufacturer\'s website, so it\'s relatively easy to update the driver for your GPU.
This usually does not apply to the cpu, but please make sure to check any messages about the hardware online. (
You can see your hardware in \"My Computer\" under windows Control Panel)
To increase the frame rate, make sure to turn off any unused or resource-
Hungry app that may be running.
Even apps like Skype or web browser can affect the performance of the game, so turn it off!
This helps improve the performance of your PC and helps make your gaming experience better.
Windows also has a number of background processes that can take up the processing power of your computer, so by turning off these unnecessary background processes using an application, you will find a slight improvement in performance.
Due to the long reading and writing time of the mechanical hard disk, the fragmented hard disk will almost always affect the performance (
There is no need to defragment SSD (
Because it has little effect). When you de-
Segment the mechanical hard disk and move the data bits on the disk closer together will reduce the time to read and write information to the hard disk, which will help speed up the game.
This is because the hard drive needle can reach and read the data without having to move.
This will also help speed up other processes on your computer, so it\'s a common win-win situationwin!
Programs like Windows Defragmenter should be able to do the job.
If ram runs out in the system and a cheap solution is needed, try making a virtual RAM drive!
It is much slower than normal ram, and it significantly affects performance compared to upgrading RAM sticks, but it is better than not having enough RAM.
It does help to provide an SSD for virtual RAM as fast read and write speeds can help, but it still cannot be replaced.
If you are reading this section then you may be disappointed with the performance of your computer and want to upgrade!
If you haven\'t read my software performance improvement tips yet, check it out!
You may be surprised by what you find, which even means you don\'t have to buy new hardware!
However, if you have tried the hardware for the early part of the tutorial and are in a dead end, please keep reading. . .
Overclocking hardware is a great way to improve hardware performance for free.
Overclocking means that you increase the number of clock cycles performed per second by your graphics card or processor chip (
Measured in hertz or Hertz, but usually in Hertz or GHz).
With Nvidia, AMD, or other 3rd-party overclocking tools, you can increase the clock speed of your hardware (
I personally used Thunderbolt master in overclocking of my Palit GTX 460 graphics card and it also allows me to adjust voltage and fan speed at certain temperatures which is for me.
When overclocking, it is important to note that all chips are different, and the micro-difference between chips means that one person can achieve overclocking, which is impossible for another person.
This is called the \"Silicon lottery \".
Please also note that overclocking hardware can sometimes cause the warranty to be invalid and shorten the life to a certain extent, so please note!
To achieve a successful overclocking, I recommend that you measure the temperature and performance of your graphics card using a stability tester, as is currently the case (
Make sure your computer doesn\'t crash/unstable at random).
This will help to establish the results of a set of benchmarks.
Once you collect your results, gradually increase the clock speed or a small amount of processing of the graphics card each time (eg 10-
The frequency of the graphics card and ram is 25 mhz, and the frequency of the cpu is slightly higher)
Until you reach an unstable clock speed, your temperature becomes poor or you start to see the workpiece (
This is usually caused by tight graphics RAM.
Lower the VRAM clock speed if you see this and keep this speed).
Although the design of the graphics card requires a very high temperature, I personally don\'t like my GPU more than 80-
As it is quite old, I am quite cautious, decree 85 degrees Celsius.
You can increase the core voltage, but I don\'t recommend it because it will damage your chip if you are not careful.
If you are not sure about overclocking hardware, see another guide for more specific and detailed overclocking instructions.
You can also overclocking modules like RAM, but the effect is small, so I don\'t recommend it.
The CPU is the brain of your computer and is one of the main components of your system.
Once you find out it\'s your CPU, it\'s a bottleneck for your computer even after overclocking, and now is the time to upgrade!
First, find your current processor in the My Computer tab in the control panel and compare it to other available options. By using www. cpubenchmark.
Net, you can find the socket type, loop speed and performance of the CPU, and you can compare the processor with other processors using the same socket type.
If you can find a processor that is strong enough to satisfy your preferences, then the next thing to do is to buy the processor, however, if the options are not good enough/you have the best processor for your socket type, now is the time to buy a new motherboard.
Check out the different socket types as the site has a lot of different processors and useful information to help you make your decision.
Before you do this, make sure that your power supply is enough!
Attached note: I am using the LGA 775 motherboard and I would like to upgrade to my old E5700 dual core CPU.
After researching the alternative processor on eBay, I decided that the upgrade was too expensive (I think this is probably the case).
After more research, I have found a modification that can delay the slot of the server and Macs to 771 Xeon to suit my current motherboard.
Because these server chips are much cheaper than consumers (LGA 775)
I decided to give it a try and it worked!
I\'m running the Xeon E5450 chip I bought for 17 right now (
Including conversion stickers)
On eBay, I will spend more money as a consumer version.
I highly recommend this hack, but before you buy any Xeon chips for your LGA 775 motherboard, make sure the hack is compatible and follow clear guidelines to help prevent hacking!
If you find your GPU a bottleneck, it\'s time to upgrade even in previous improvements! Use www. gpubenchmark.
Net, learn about your current graphics card and its features.
If your graphics card is compatible with cross or cross, consider purchasing another current graphics card to improve performance.
If you decide that it is best to do a full GPU upgrade, check out the other options available.
If you are traveling along the SLI or cross fire route, you will not get 2 times the performance, VRAM or speed because unfortunately this way does not work but you will get 2 times
Make sure your power supply is able to provide enough watts to power the card and the rest of the system, otherwise it may not start up or it may crash when it is highly stressed.
Upgrading a graphics card is usually better than trying to get another similar card as it leaves room for future SLI or cross fire.
If you choose to upgrade, make sure you look around for the best performance per pound per watt (
Or any currency you use).
If you can\'t power the graphics card, you need to upgrade the power, so consider the cost of another PSU with the graphics card.
When your current RAM is not good enough or the virtual RAM drive is not lowering your expectations, it\'s time to upgrade your RAM!
If you have a spare RAM slot (s)
You can use them to upgrade the total ram in your system.
Once you find the manufacturing, size, model code and frequency of your current ram, you can start searching for additional RAM sticks.
While it doesn\'t matter the manufacturer that matches the ram stick, in order to get the best compatibility, you almost have to always use the ram, frequency, and memory type of the same capacity (
It is not possible to use the DDR2 with the Xeon RAM and vice versa.
This applies to all different types in general).
Make sure you check around before you buy any RAM modules first!
If you don\'t have extra RAM slots then you have to upgrade your memory module completely.
I suggest you aim at about 4 gb of ram in the first place, but if you are more serious, aim for 6 to 8 gb of memory to help with more demanding games.
Sometimes, your power supply may not be able to supply enough power to your system, which may cause a crash or complete shutdown during strenuous use.
To upgrade the PSU, find the model and wattage of the power supply online.
Once you have the power and physical size of the PSU, look around for a PSU that is higher than the previous one, usually a few watts more than the power required by the system.
Make sure the new power supply is the same size and try to find a power supply with a gold 80% efficiency rating or higher.
It may cost more initially, but without it, the total additional power consumption of your computer will increase and reduce its value when trading.
If you have a high temperature problem with your system, there are a few things you can do to help reduce the overall temperature of your computer components.
By adding or changing the direction of the fan on the case, you will be able to change the flow and direction of the air coming in and out of the case to help cool your system.
Cable management may also help slightly with the temperature, so be sure to keep the case clean and tidy!
If you need to add more fans, try to add the largest and most effective fans as the more efficient, larger fans make less noise than the smaller, faster rotating fans and push more
If you have a lot of air flowing through your case and your radiator is not cooling well enough, try to buy a bigger and better radiator.
Try to find Tower radiators made of copper or copper tubes as they usually cool better than Intel\'s stock cooler.
Make sure that when you buy a cooler it has a powerful fan that can better cool the powerful heat processor.
If you need to cool your CPU or graphics card more and increasing the fan and radiator size doesn\'t do the job, it may be time to replace the hot paste (
Please note that this may void the warranty for the graphics card).
Remove the old radiator, clean the processor and metal radiator with the same prophy alcohol, make sure to remove any old hot paste.
When choosing a new hot paste.
Do some research on the different options, which one is suitable for you.
After selecting the hot paste, place a small pea-sized amount on the processor chip and carefully put the radiator back on the board.
Tighten the radiator with the opposite angle at a time, so as not to bring uneven pressure to the processor chip.
Once the radiator is fixed on the processor, make sure it\'s tight and you\'re ready!
Finally, if you consider water cooling, it does a better job of cooling compared to air cooling, but it is much more expensive, water and electricity are generally not mixed if something goes wrong. . .
So be very careful about water cooling.
By using a faster storage method, you can sometimes completely restore an old computer!
Compared to SSDs, the old mechanical drives are very slow in reading and writing, which causes the game to slow down when requesting information stored on the hard drive.
You can usually buy 128 gb ssd at a reasonable price, so this is a cost-effective way to increase PC speed.
I would suggest putting your OS and the games you play the most on the SSD and the rest of the data on the mechanical hard drive.
You can also create a RAM drive that uses RAM as a storage device.
This storage is very fast, but very expensive (£ per GB)
, Runs out of potential system memory, and the power supply is turned off without battery redundancy. . . whoosh!
All your data is gone!
Hope one of your subs
Prime gaming PC is now able to play any game you throw at it with decent performance!
It would be appreciated if you think I missed any part of this tutorial or if there is any correction/suggestion program that I need to add! P. S.
If you go through the wall of text above all the time, that\'s great!
If you like this tutorial, vote for Instructure in the contest I\'m in!
Thanks for reading!
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