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the making of a beast: wrt54g mods, part one

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-04-14
WRT54G is the most versatile person;
Cheap price and lots of spare firmware.
You can find them in swap conferences and used stores across the United States.
It can be used as an access point, router, Bridge, repeater, and sometimes as all of the above devices.
This description will not involve the firmware of the router, nor will it involve the antenna design;
The instructions I provided are a quick and dirty way to create a beast from your WRT54G.
My full requirement is that my WRTs are used as a remote repeater.
I want to make it strong too. Over-
However, the router will run using PoE.
Because in my case I won\'t use any crossover
I will eliminate the diode bridge by wiring.
When we get to that section, I will explain the purpose and functionality so that people can decide if they need their project or not.
This will allow me to connect this network from 100 m of my house and bridge and repeat another signal.
This manual is rough and full of No.
No, so take it as a lesson to tell you how to modify your router by canceling the warranty.
This is a quick solution to one of the problems I am facing and I took a photo while doing this.
There is a better way but this works :)
The second part is here, let me state first: you can be yourself once you break the warranty label.
Everything and/or anything that has happened since then is your responsibility.
The development of V8 is very simple.
Two small labels are really the only thing that can put it together.
Take your feet off and use a small screwdriver to screw down the screws in front.
After that, prety crashed.
Bring back the top;
Two screws in the center of the plate need to be removed.
Let\'s get rid of those bad antennas now.
Find the point where the thin coaxial cable is connected to the circuit board.
Don\'t just cut them but let\'s
Weld them off the plate.
I had to remove it with a 60 w soldering iron
Welding, so speed is critical to the components on the board.
Heat quickly and absorb enough solder so you can unplug the wires.
I clean up any protective cover around the joint with a piece of sandpaper.
Don\'t worry about the excess solder left on the board, we will use it later.
Also be careful to join the to point, a core connected to the coaxial cable (little one)an the other (big one)the ground.
Some of you may ask.
There is a position on the board of the antenna jack.
Take a closer look at the layout of the unit and you will find that its resistance is out of order.
Routing needs to be very simple
Work, and do a lot of work and expensive equipment.
This is a bit optional;
The reason I took it out is so I will never mix it up.
No plug, I know this is my PoE router.
It also gives me the space to make the fan plug. Some more de-
Welding skills are required here.
Just remove the power jack and leave three empty holes on the board.
If you\'re going to keep it, then
Weld the back to expose the holes on the pins that can weld the wires.
The first step here is to get some 22gw solid line.
CAT5/6 solid core wires will be fine;
Make sure it\'s copper instead of copper. clad aluminum.
It would be great if you could get some silver silk from Lucent technology.
Second, cut two pieces of about 4 \"length and peel them off about 1/4\" and make one, but you might want to use the female RP-
The TNC connector is not the same way as I am, the method of betterelse ceover BNC TNC.
I will do the antenna myself, so the BNC is good for me.
Another decision you have to make yourself.
Take out the old garbage and drop all the extra plastic.
Find a drill bit of the same size as the connector you will be using and drill it with your hand.
Install and weld the tail of the board to the new Jack.
I\'m going to go ahead and do two Bi-Quad antennas(part 2)
There is also a weather-proof box.
It\'s done now.
Like the body, plug her in and get a step closer to making the best WRT54G.
For more information, follow the steps below: my antenna has been completed and installed and thanx can view it.
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