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The major AC brands in India have made it a lot

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-05-30
To compare two or more brands, we have to choose the dominant brands which are gaining the preferences of people for several years. Voltas and Samsung are among those brands preferred by most of the users. Taking a particular model of each, for instance Voltas 1.5 Tons - Titanium 3S and Samsung Purista 1 Ton - AS125BBF, a proper comparison can be made. Both are integrated with latest software and hardware providing a chilling effect in the room. Voltas AC stands competitive to Samsung in various fields. Voltas comprises the cooling capacity of 5000 W, and also contains High EER Rotary compressor. It is integrated with Dust and Anti Dust Filters. It also contains an LED Front Panel Display along with Auto Restart mode. The additional features include Hydrophilic Coating, LCD Remote Operation, 4 m Connecting Pipe Length, and various others. The Energy Efficiency Ratio of Voltas is 2.95 w/w (Cooling). The power requirements include 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 Phase, and come with a power consumption of 1695 W. The demand of ACs is rising day by day making the topmost companies to get involved in a good competition and supplying a huge stock to the markets. As the competition rises, customers begin to compare the latest models before buying the best ACs. Comparison can be made regarding each and every parts and features of the appliances along with the price as each companies have their own way of enhancing their production and presenting it towards the generation. The modern technology has made such things possible, and hence, those companies are taking a good advantage of it to empower their productions. Voltas AC has been awarded with 3 Star Energy rating while Samsung has received 4 Star rating. Samsung is far superior to Voltas regarding the features and functions. So, people are suggested to buy Samsung AC with a reasonable price range in order to control the room environment. Samsung AC comes with 3950 W cooling capacity with 4 Way Air Flow Direction, and also a UTR compressor. Along with those features, it also comprises 1.5L/hr Moisture Removal performance feature, and the Air Circulation of 13 m3/min mode. It also contains Anti-bacteria Filter and 60 Full HD Filter. The power requirements come with 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 Phase along with the power consumption of 1170 W. It has an Energy Efficiency Ratio which is 3.39 w/w (Cooling).
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