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by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-20
According to Saurabh Kumar, general manager of Energy Efficiency Services Co. , Ltd. , replacing traditional street lamps and household incandescent lamps with LED lights will save billions of power each year, a joint venture of PSUs, the Indian government power department.
The total number of street lamps nationwide is estimated to be 3. 5 crore and 99.
Five of them are traditional lighting, he said.
\"If all the lights are replaced, it will save 5 billion of the electricity, saving a station every year,\" he told the Hindus here . \".
It seems to be small and the country consumes 800 billion units of electricity a year.
But he said there were many benefits, especially the boost to domestic manufacturing.
For example, the Andhra Pradesh government has instructed that the state\'s industry should be given priority in terms of procurement, he said.
\"As we carry out more projects, this will encourage more units to launch in Andhra Pradesh,\" he noted . \".
Take Visakhapatnam as an example, where street lights are replaced by LED lights and municipal companies do not have to pay in advance at the expense of the Union government.
Spend from energy saving and maintenance costs.
So there is no net out.
Statistics, sir.
Kumar said that the United States sells 77 crore incandescent lamps every year, and replacing bulbs will save 25 billion units of electricity. Mr.
Saurabh Kumar estimates that it will take five years to replace all incandescent lamps with LED lights.
Replacing the 60 w cfl bulb with a 7 w led light will save Rs. 500 to Rs.
Consumers have 600 bulbs per year.
More importantly, LED lights have a 10-year life span compared to six-month incandescent lamps and two-year CFL, noting that LED is the cheapest through life cycle cost analysis.
The price of the 7-watt bulb dropped from 400 to RS.
There have been 204 people in the past year and a half.
Prices will drop further as volume increases.
He believes there is no problem with manufacturing, and industry will shift from CFL to LED if demand picks up.
Although there are not many lights made, there are currently 80 to 90 small LED light manufacturers.
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