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straight fin heat sinks from ats combine economy and cooling in telecomm cabinet circuit card.

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-11-13
April 09, 2011, mannorwood-(PR. com)--Hot BGA (Ball grid array)
Component issues on the ATCA Board are solved at low cost by connecting advanced ThermalSolutions, Inc. \'s economical straight fin radiator(ATS).
The metal case of the card, the adjacent circuit board and the distance from the Cabinet fan mean that only a small amount of air flow passes through the hot BGA.
Passive radiator solution is required, ATS by providing 60x60mm (2. 36 x 2. 36 in)
Only 25mm (0. 98 in)high.
Radiator is packaged with OEM to flat BGA-Double offer
Hot tape on both sides.
The specified ATS radiator is ATS060060025-SF-
The thermal resistance of the 16 x radiator is only 1. 16[degrees]
C/W in limited 1.
A flow of 0 m/s, allowing it to pass heat from the fin field to the surrounding air by convection, and keep the assembly mold within the required temperature limit.
The 60x60mm size of the sink matches the BGA size, so there is no installation problem on the tightly filled PCB.
The result is that the internal junction temperature of the thermal circuit board assembly is kept below the limit specified by the manufacturer, maintaining its performance and life.
The ATS radiator is made of a solid extruded aluminum void with an interface thermal resistance in a bonded fin radiator.
Light weight aluminum can connect the sink with cheap hot tape.
For more information about the economical straight-wing radiator, please visit the advanced heat dissipation solution website www. qats.
Com, send via email from atshq@qats.
Com or call us at 781-769-2800.
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