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stay warm this winter with ceiling insulation

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-31
By installing ceiling insulation at home, you can join thousands of similar products
Homeowner with ideas, they enjoy a warm home in winter and a cool home in summer.
The ceiling insulation is very simple and is the most effective and economical way to improve the living conditions of the family throughout the year.
In residential buildings, a typical 40% energy consumption is used for space heating and cooling, but the energy you pay for is actually leaking from your home, especially through the ceiling.
By using thermal insulation, homeowners are reducing the consumption of fossil fuels that could have been used to generate electricity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Credit: the benefit of installing ceiling insulation glass wool fiber ceiling insulation is No.
Combustible, unlimited use in any insulation application.
It is most commonly used on the ceiling, but it can be used as a cavity wall filling within the walls of the partition.
In some case studies, it has improved temperatures up to 6 degrees Celsius.
Ceiling insulation will be paid through homeowner electricity savings within less than 3 years of installation.
Passive saving after that is pure profit and you will continue to get energy saving for life.
In addition to the amazing thermal insulation provided by the ceiling insulation, it also provides very good sound insulation for the home or office.
It will improve the acoustic performance of your home.
This material does not provide food for pests and has mildew and corrosion resistance.
The material does not contain any asbestos.
Toxic, no health hazard.
The approved installation contractor team can install ceiling insulation for an average size home within 3 hours.
If you like to handle the work yourself like I do, it may take a weekend.
Credit: good value for money, reduce the electricity bill!
Ceiling insulation can reduce electricity bills throughout the year, not just in winter.
Due to the natural phenomenon of heat rise, the biggest proportion of heat loss is through the ceiling of your home.
By installing ceiling insulation, you can reduce the heat loss of the ceiling by up to 35%.
This energy saving immediately means you need to spend less on your electricity bill to keep your home comfortable and warm in winter and cool in summer.
By installing ceiling insulation at home, you can save 20% of your annual heating and cooling electricity bills.
What is the ceiling insulation material, how it works in all households across the country, the physical principle of heat transfer is constantly moving to find heat balance.
Heat transfer always occurs from one high temperature area to another low temperature area.
In your home, the two main mechanisms of heat transfer are conduction and convection.
In the winter, the warm heat in your home is being transferred directly from all the places where there is no insulation to the outdoors.
In the summer, the opposite effect will occur, with heat passing from the outside to the inside of the house where you are trying to keep it cool.
In order to create a comfortable environment at home, the heat lost through heat transfer in winter needs to be replaced by an indoor heating system, and the Heat gained in summer needs to be taken away by the air-conditioning unit.
Insulation of the ceiling, walls and floors of your home can hinder natural heat transfer.
Insulation works by limiting air flow.
Static air is a very effective insulator because it reduces convection and has very low conduction properties.
Thermal insulation reduces heat transfer by up to 87%.
It is important to keep the glass wool very dry, because the water in the fiber reduces the effectiveness of the product.
The glass wool fiber for thermal insulation is made of glass sand and about 80% recycled glass.
It is made in a similar way to making marshmallow with hot sugar. R-
Any insulation found in the local hardware store will specify R-value. The R-
The value is the resistance of the material to conduct heat flow or to rate it according to its thermal resistance. The R-
The value depends on the heat resistance, thickness and density of the insulating material. The R-
The value is determined by dividing the thickness of the material by its thermal conductivity (k in W/m2 °C). The R-
Value is the best measure of product performance.
The higher the insulation value, the more money saved, the more worth it in the long run.
Although you can\'t change the performance of the product, you can decide the thickness and density.
Ceiling insulation is available at 50, 100, 135mm thick, but I would recommend not to be more than 50mm thick as it is very thin.
The price of 100mm thick is twice that of R-Double value.
Regarding the density, it will be more effective if the insulation is loose during installation.
Once the product unfolds from the packaging, it will expand to full thickness in more than a month.
Keep the insulation as dry as possible, because the water will press the fiberglass, it becomes less effective as the insulation experience, thus reducing the R-value. Owens-
Corning more than 111781 A85
Use of surface-free insulated rollers6.
7 insulation value, perfect price for small items: $11. 99 $4.
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