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\"solar\" air conditioning

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-04-12
* Note * the project was completed by students from Singapore Polytechnic.
[Solar energy] components for air conditioning: 2x large DC fan 1x Marine pump (
DC pump is best)
1x CPU radiator 1x copper tube 1x polystyrene ice box Nx reusable ice pack solar panel (Optional)
The tool and components are the mentor of the Tenth Five-Year Plan in China, Zhang Zhixian Shanren.
So what is solar energy? ? ?
Well, if in this setting the solar panels are used to provide 12 v for the DC fan and the DC pump, isn\'t that \"solar air conditioning?
Note: ice bags are refrigerated.
Designed polystyrene ice box.
Connect the curved copper tube.
Connect the aquarium pump to the copper pipe.
Enjoy it on!
Freeze the ice bag in the freezer room for more than 12 hours and place it in a polystyrene ice box.
On the polystyrene ice box, remove the top cover and make 2 holes to accommodate the hot air inlet and the cold air exhaust DC fan.
The left hand side of this picture is a DC fan with a radiator that sucks hot wet air into the cold room, and the right hand side of the picture is the cold air exhaust.
A curved copper tube is attached to the CPU radiator.
When hot air is attracted to the cooled metal surface, condensation occurs by letting the copper tube run through ice water circulating through the aluminum radiator.
The condensed water then drops into an ice box filled with ice cubes and water.
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