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SGT Lighting Housing

The SGT series is the latest graphene composite product from Mingfa tech, suitable for high-power outdoor lighting. Such as floodlights, street lights, mining lights, etc...

The graphene composites we use, the reason why graphene heat conduction is more than 20 times faster than aluminum alloy, and the graphene composite material has the same thermal conductivity as die-cast aluminum. At the same time, the graphene composite material has the same product size and power as die-cast aluminum, is 10%-30% lighter than die-cast aluminum...

In addition, our graphene composite products have been tested for experimental corrosion for more than 3000 hours, and no corrosion has been found. It can be seen that graphene composite materials are more resistant to oxidation and corrosion than aluminium alloy surface, which shows the future trend of graphene composite products.