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Refrigerator brands nowadays have started including

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-16
Selecting a particular model from each brand, for instance Kelvinator KWP184-BX and LG GL-205KMS, a good analysis of comparison can be made. The refrigerator of Kelvinator comes with a total of 170 liters capacity. It contains Direct Cool Defrosting Type along with the Insulation of Thick PUF. The refrigeration and cooling technology of this refrigerator comes with Humidity Control technology. The additional features of Kelvinator refrigerator comes with Anti-fungal Removable Door Gasket, Powerful Compressor, Stabilizer Free Option, Energy Efficiency, and several others. The additional features comes with 10 W Lamp, Adjustable Leg, Control Box, working without stabilizer, 20% faster ice making with specially designed patented ice tray, and lots more. Regarding the additional body features, it comes with Transparent Freezer Door, Transparent Chiller, and Transparent Vegetable Basket as well. Apart from all these, the power supply of this refrigerator is also astounding as it supplies 135-290 V power. As the demand of the best refrigerators raise, the refrigerator companies are getting involved in a good competition in order to present the best product of this generation. The rising tide of such competition has led the people to get involved in a comparison process. People compare products and electronic appliances before buying refrigerators with superior technology. With such comparison, several dissimilarities and similarities dominate the process. Comparing the two brands in this way, it can be said that LG stands superior to Kelvinator in many fields especially regarding the features. Kelvinator has been awarded 3 Energy Star rating while LG has been granted 5 Energy Star rating making a huge difference between the two brands of refrigerators. Customers will be able to avail their refrigerator relying on a particular brand, and LG will successfully provide satisfaction regarding the basic requirement of people. Competing with Kelvinator, LG stands firm regarding the superlative features it comprise. LG refrigerator comes with a total capacity of 190 liters which is superior to Kelvinator. It has maintained similarity with the refrigerator of Kelvinator regarding the Defrosting Type which is Direct Cool. It comprises various other features like 2 wired refrigerator shelves along with several special compartments like vegetable tray, egg tray, egg cum ice tray, and several others.
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