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Rackmount powerstrips are great accessories that

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-06-18
There are many varieties that come with energy metering so that you are aware of the amount of power that is being consumed by your servers and hardware accessories. Most of these rackmount powerstrips with current meters have built-in intelligence, integrated support for optional environment sensors, web-based energy performance tracking capabilities and other security features. These rackmount powerstrips with current metering can help in accurate and continuous power monitoring for orchestrating efficient cooling among racks, and optimize capacity. These categories reflect unmatched combination of engineering capabilities and technological innovations. They further help in delivering solutions that help companies manage their data center power and cooling funds in a far more efficient manner. These types of rackmount powerstrips also offer extensive and accurate power information that includes data on voltage, current (Amps), power factor, apparent power (kVA), active power (kW), environmental temperature and humidity. Most of these great power tools also come with an LED display to enable the user to view the results accurately and accordingly take the right measures. A few rackmount powerstrips also have the ability to change their LED display orientation when they are rotated. This is to provide added rack installation flexibility. Some rackmount powerstrips even come with alerts and alarms to let data centre operators know about a problem instantly. If you are really conscious about saving energy, then try one of these rackmount powerstrips with energy metering and see what they can do for you.
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