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pune municipal corporation to install 10,000 led streetlights | pune news - times of india

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-21
Pune: Pune Municipal Company (PMC)
About 10,000 LEDs are planned to be installed (LED)
Replace the existing high-pressure sodium steam lamp (HPSV)
As long as possible.
The budget allocated for this is RS 3.
2012-70 crore13.
\"At present, the energy consumption of sodium steam street lamps around the city is about 421 KW hours (kWh)annually.
Wherever applied, LED technology will reduce current consumption by about 40-
45%, \"said an official from PMC\'s electrical department, adding that there is currently about one lakh sodium steam street lamp accessory in the city.
The official said replacing these lamps with LED street lamps was a move that began in 2010 --
It aims to save energy.
\"Last year, we replaced about 5,000 with LED accessories in areas such as Warje, Karvenagar, Tingrenagar, Yerawada, Gokhalenagar, Apte Road and Ghole Road
However, he said that it is not possible to replace all sodium steam lamp accessories with LED accessories, because roads with large traffic volume require sodium steam lamps, which have a higher brightness than LED lights.
\"As long as it is possible, LED street lights will appear, such as secondary roads with less traffic,\" he said . \".
Energy audit in 2010
11 various areas were also identified that could reduce energy consumption, including sewage pump stations, water pumping stations, street lamps and administrative buildings of civic groups, including the auditorium, crematorium and hospitals. In 2010-
11. municipalities installed up to 985 LED accessories throughout the city, followed by another 5,000 in 201112.
As part of the initiative, 90-watt LED lights will replace 250-watt sodium steam lamps, the official said.
\"The sodium steam lamp of 150 W will be replaced by the LED lamp of 70 W, and the lamp of 70 W will be replaced by the LED lamp of 50 W, and so on;
Saving about 40-
\"45% of the energy,\" he added.
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