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passive cooling system: computer with no cooling fans – hacked gadgets explained

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-02-16
What is passive cooling?
Passive cooling is a relative term, and a lot of people, especially those in the technical department, have given any equipment that needs active cooling, such as a radiator or a cooling fan with a ventilation system.
This article will pay special attention to personal computers or personal computers, but there are also some things, such as passive cooling systems for graphics cards, etc.
It\'s nothing new to want a quiet computer.
In fact, computers without cooling fans, hacked gadgets are easy to make, or it\'s easy to find people who can help almost any computer make a passive cooling system.
Some passive cooling techniques include, but are not limited to, flooding certain components (such as CPUs) with a thermal Guide (such as cooking oil or oil ).
Although many techniques and common sense suggest that flooding any electronic device (usually expensive) is not a smart idea, science leads to many non-
The traditional way to handle PC.
The cost and benefits of passive cooling the benefit of having a passive cooling device is a quieter workplace;
However, the associated cost of having a passive cooling system is still quite high.
First, it may be necessary to purchase materials to create a passive cooling system.
In addition, the warranty (if any) will become invalid after tampering.
Third, there is no guarantee that the device will keep the temperature as effectively as the fan is still in place.
Customized PCs according to Puget, the passive cooling PC project is not for everyone and success can not always be expected.
Without prior knowledge of the parts involved, one must not attempt to start making a computer that does not have a cooling fan.
It\'s a good thing to have and show off your ability to tamper with technology, but the cost and effort depend on the individual\'s choice.
Mine oil without cooling fans flooded computers-hacked GadgetsHere is a brief list of projects that have successfully installed passive cooling systems for their PC.
According to the technology used, some projects include diving.
The technology uses oil or other thermal conductive liquids to cool the CPU and other overheating components;
Additional components, such as a larger shell or fish tank, may be required, however.
Another technique involves a slightly more complex approach, such as a combination of separate oil and water or water to cool the PC.
The water is cheap, but turning on the wire can be fatal and can cause electric shock if handled improperly.
Finally, there are additional passive cooling systems on the Internet, but be careful when parts are limited or replacement costs are very high.
In general, when using computer components, always include spare parts, do additional research on specific desktops, spare parts in the event of an accident, and try to have a backup computer just in case.
Passive cooling of a computer without a fan can annoy a computer with no fan noise, but it can also reduce the time and extra cost on the computer, such as extra materials.
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