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Overheating is any motorist's nightmare. This

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-06-02
The Isuzu Rodeo fan clutch controls the speed of the radiator fan. It is a thermostatic device that relies on the air temperature passing through the radiator. The Isuzu Rodeo fan clutch helps reduce fuel consumption, create less noise, and save engine power. It also cools the air conditioner's condenser. The Isuzu Rodeo fan clutch functions with a fluid coupling partially filled with silicone oil and a bimetal coil spring. Once the air temperature passing through the radiator rises, the bimetal coil spring expands. This will trigger the fluid coupling to receive small amounts of oil that will make the fan rotate. Cool air entering the radiator, on the other hand, will make the coil spring contract. The contraction will then make the oil leave the fluid coupling, slowing down the fan. As the Isuzu Rodeo fan clutch is tasked with a crucial role, motorists cannot afford to have this auto part getting defective. This can damage the engine and other components. It can even cause the car's air conditioning system to perform poorly. To avoid such problems, it is important to properly maintain the fan clutch. Once it fails, immediately replacing it is highly recommended. Motorists can watch out for some signs to know when the fan clutch is failing. The most common is when the car overheats when it is idle or during heavy traffic. A car drawing air at a high rate is also another symptom.
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