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nod for distribution of 9 watt led bulbs

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-20
Andhra Pradesh Power Regulatory Commission (APERC)
If the procurement and maintenance costs are low, the power company is allowed to distribute 9-watt LED bulbs instead of the existing 7-watt bulbs.
Dealing with the petition filed by disc Discoms in an order issued on Saturday, if the petitioners and energy efficiency services limited agree and decide to make a decision under either of these four plans, supplied in part or in full with a 9 w led bulb, not a 7 W bulb, the same purchase can only be made if the 9 W bulb can be purchased at the same or lower cost currently licensed by the Commission.
Other components of the project cost should remain the same.
In disturbing circumstances, there is any difference in the financial impact in terms of the supply of this higher wattage bulb. Discoms should once again approach APERC in order to obtain the appropriate level of this upgrade
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