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Nobody will question that a cloud PBX system is

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-16
IP phones are the most popular and the most favored configuration of a cloud PBX system primarily because f the convenience and the audio quality that it delivers. However some individuals might be overwhelmed on the sheer number of buttons that you can find on IP phones, but don't be, these buttons will eventually be a convenient method of improving your communication stream and enable you to maximize your cloud PBX system. Generally despite the difference in model and brands an IP phone has the following buttons which are often time self explanatory as far as feature is concerned, redial button, directory or phonebook, menu, settings and don not disturb or busy button. There are also other buttons that might be little confusing at first but once you get a hang of I you'll find it really useful. Line buttons - You'll notice that there are buttons on either on te right side of the IP phone or at the top that has a corresponding LED light for each of it. These are the line buttons that allows you to receive and make multiple calls all the same time. If you pick the handset you'll see that the first line button will light up this means that it is now engaged. If you receive a second call one of the line button will blink consistently notifying you that a call is coming through. You can receive as many simultaneously phone calls as the number of lines that you have with your service provider. Transfer - The transfer button is blatantly used to transfer phone call from one extension to the other, usually this feature will be used by your receptionist. Generally there are two ways to transfer calls first is the direct transfer all you need to do hit the transfer button dial the extension and hit tic, however the disadvantage of this is that you are not sure if the call will be answered. Second is via an attendant transfer, put the caller on hold, grab another line to call the extension to see if he is available to take the call, once confirmed hit the transfer button and press tic. If he is not available then you can go back to caller and take a message. Voice mail - You can instantly retrieve your voice mail from your IP phones by pressing the retrieve button. AN IVR will prompt you to choose from the menu system whether to listen to new or old messages and so on. Headset and speaker, pressing these buttons will toggle the output to direct either from the speakerphone or headset while picking up the actual handset will divert the audio to the hand piece.
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