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multinational telecom oem improves heat sink attachment system to preserve quality of 4g equipment.

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-11-18
May 20, 2011, mannorwood-(PR. com)--
The original plan of the leading telecom equipment OEM is to cool the DSP chip for 4g wireless equipment on the new densely packed ATCA Board, which requires the radiator with the double
Double-sided thermal conductive tape.
This provides a low-cost, easy-to-apply solution, but subsequent physical tests indicate that the radiator may fall off under certain conditions.
In addition to the chip exceeding its safe operating temperature, these sequences may also be loose metal radiators in the ATCA housing.
This can cause physical and electrical damage to other parts of the board.
If deployed in a central office, a motherboard failure may mean downtime for mobile phone users.
Advanced Thermal Solutions Company
Consulted ATS for alternative radiator clamp solutions-
It will provide high reliability accessories as well as the cooling performance required under low airflow conditions.
ATS engineers perform CFD using the CF design of autodesk\'s blue Ridge Numerics.
Under normal operating conditions, laboratory airflow studies were used to characterize the available cooling air on ATCAboard.
This data is used to calculate the size, shape and positioning of the off-shelf maxiFLOW [TM]heatsink. The maxiFLOW[TM]
The radiator adopts a low profile, scattered finarray array to maximize the surface area to achieve more effective convection (air)
Reduce the cooling of DSP chip temperature.
Cooling performance helps to maintain the performance of the chip and prolong the service life of the chip.
Most importantly, for OEM, ATS radiators can be installed using verified superGRIP [s]TM]heat sink clip. The two-partsuperGRIP[TM]
The connection system is characterized by the plastic frame clamp firmly fixed to the perimeter of the Assembly, and the metal spring clamp passes through the fin field of the radiator and is fixed at both ends of the plastic frame.
The resulting super [TM]
Assembly applications apply stable, firm pressure on components throughout the product life cycle to improve the long-term
Term reliability
In addition, superGRIP [TM]
The use of phase change thermal interface materials is realized, and the thermal performance is further improved.
ATS radiator and accessory system solutions provide high reliability and performance and are within the production budget of the new ATCA Board.
Multiple, fast
The total power consumption of the PCB is usually several hundred watts.
ATS provides thermal design and representation of the pcb to determine the optimal location of the assembly to enhance the cooling effect of natural or forced airflow, or to minimize the size, quantity and cost of the radiator, fan sink, other mechanical cooling systems.
ATS thermal engineers use analytical and computational design methods, as well as visual tests to enhance the airflow on the PCB to effectively cool all components.
See how ATS Super Bully:TM]
Technology works, see their videos on p/a/f/1/0mqynoo10 or browse the website on ats or email us --hq@qats.
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