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mini adjustable power supply

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-09
When designing this power supply, my goal is to be as portable as possible so that you can use it almost anywhere.
One of the reasons I want it to be so portable is that every time I go abroad to visit my family and friends, they always have something I need to fix (
Or at least \"try to fix \")
They have a soldering iron, but that\'s it.
That\'s why I made voltpen, this mini power supply, and the mini usb sound card oscilloscope (
Will follow Instructure soon).
I did other power supplies but none of them had a current regulator.
This time I decided to use the LM2596 instead of the LM317 or LM350 that I usually use, so I can adjust the current as well.
The advantage of this unit is that you can connect to any DC source from 7. 5V to 28V.
For example, I can carry it with me and connect it to the laptop power supply.
The output voltage will be very close to the input voltage, probably half a Volt less.
It can also be used as a voltmeter without having to power the voltage from 2.
5 v to 30 v as an ammeter for 5 v.
Great for battery charging.
That\'s enough. let\'s get to the point. .
I divide the material into two categories, necessary and optional.
The price is calculated based on the price I paid on ebay or the lowest price I can find.
I usually buy components from Hong Kong.
With most electronic components, you can buy about 10 units in the UK for 1 unit.
The link to Ebay is the cheapest I can find.
Necessary components: a total of £ 9 so far.
66 Optional components: only 12 in total.
12 tools: This small circuit is great, but it is designed to be adjusted, so it needs to be modified.
Another modification is very optional as you don\'t need to see LEDs, but I think they will look good.
When charging the battery, the green LED lights up when the current is less than 0.
1 of the adjusted current.
This can be adjusted with an intermediate trimmer that stays on the board.
This is not really necessary, as you can see that Millian drops as the battery is charged.
The rated power of this small circuit is 3A.
But I think it\'s more like 2A and 3A max with radiator.
I decided to make a radiator myself so it can be placed in the box, but if you don\'t mind the side of the box, you \'d better buy a unit that is attached to the radiator on the back of the unit (link)
Skip this step.
It will increase by 7 though.
This project 50
I don\'t think it\'s worth it just for the radiator, so I did it myself.
Before you start using it, it\'s better to cover the box with the tape from the decorator.
This will protect the box from scratches and make it easier to mark the box.
Please double check the measurement result as I am giving the measurement result of the component I am using.
You might wonder why I only dedicate a whole step to the ammeter.
There are two reasons: Let\'s explain further: if you supply the ammeter from the same source as I do, don\'t connect the little black line.
Otherwise, it will give you a wrong reading.
This is the schematic, very simple.
Everything is in the box.
I hope you enjoy reading this manual and I will be happy to answer if there are any questions.
See my other instructions for cool projects like this :)
If you like this note, please vote for it in the contest.
Thank you very much! :)
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