Mingfa Tech focused on LED heat sink design and manufacture, seeking distributors globally

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Over the past couple of years, LED commercial lightings in high- end section have been in high demand in many different parts across the globe. Mingfa Tech basically deals in the designing and manufacturing of LED coolers, LED light accessories, LED star heat sinks and LED pin fin heat sinks suitable for LED COB modules of Xicato, Bridgelux, CREE, Philips, GE Infusion, Osram, Citizen, Tridonic, Lustrous, LG Innotek, Edison and many other famous brands . The company is located in China and widely known for offering top designs and quality manufactured products.

Mingfa Tech focused on LED heat sink design and manufacture, seeking distributors globally

The company has been dealing with many notable and top notch organizations and is currently looking for distributors that distribute their LED thermal management globally in the future. With the main goal of acquiring the utmost customer satisfaction, the company also offers its clients with the amazing benefits of calculating heat sinks and providing a thorough analysis of LED thermal. The other areas of expertise of the company include prototyping, mass production, LED coolers .Actually the company is mainly looking for distributors who can distribute the LED heat sinks internationally. The company is willing to offer a wide range of benefits to the distributors and in return as for full dedication and reliability from the distributors in return.

As a prominent heat sink supplier, the company will offer full range of support and cooperation to the distributors. This means that the distributors will be completely briefed regarding the products of the company and all the information which needs to be given to the customers later on. Moreover, the custom design and good prices will also be given to the distributors before they begin to market the products in global markets in the future.

Since the company is also expert in the field of sheet metal stamping, die casting, deep drawing, CNC cutting and much more, the distributors will find how they can easily market these exclusive services without having to face any issues the entire time. Heat sink for LED distributors will also be given special services of 7/24/365 quick response, short lead time, R&D support, and so on. This will help the led heatsink distributors develop the business from the company’s main markets in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and Middle East. Besides LED heatsinks, the distributors will also be provided with more high end custom products including LED housings, LED enclosures, LED brackets, heat sink clips, etc.

About Mingfa Tech
Mingfa Tech Manufacturing Ltd is a world famous LED thermal solution top provider offering LED heat sinks and many other components related to LED solid state lightings globally. In order to acquire more information, interested individuals should visit heatsinkled.com

For more information, please visit: http://www.heatsinkled.com/ or https://www.mingfatech.com

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