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Material World: Switch on the lights fantastic

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-18
There are several colors for the Link Light: black, white, gray, green and orange.And a special soft.touch silver.There are several colors for the Link Light: black, white, gray, green and orange.And a special soft.touch silver.Light-LEDs are the new darling of the lighting industry, as they are compact in structure and use much less energy than ordinary bulbs to illuminate the room.LEDs, commonly referred to as LEDs, are not new and we have seen them anywhere: they form numbers on digital clocks and on individual clocksThe light-up diode indicates whether the appliance is turned on or off.They are small but powerful, and a set of bulbs installed in the circuit can light up large TV screens or traffic lights.Unlike ordinary incandescent lamps with thin wires, the led does not burn out or heat up.They are only illuminated by the electronic motion in semiconductor materials, such as transparent silicon crystals, which is why they last as long as transistors.Warner Philips, 39, in San Franciscoyear-The old descendants of the Dutch family have created a series of electronic devices and unusual incandescent lamps.The voltage bulb is peddling his own innovative LED bulb, called Pharox, produced by Amsterdam-based company Lemnis (derived from the word \"glow.What\'s different about farox is that it looks almost like a normal screw --In incandescent lamps.\"Lemnis is the first company to launch LED bulbs of shape, light output and general incandescent color,\" said John Rooymans, one of Philips\'s Dutch partners.Manufactured in China, Pharox uses LEDs made of fully recyclable glass and anodized aluminum.It also uses a fraction of the energy of a normal bulb.For example, 40-The Watt farox bulb uses only 5 watts of energy, unlike incandescent lamps that may last 1,000 hours, Warner\'s LED design is expected to last 50,000 hours.\"Of course, since the company is only five years old, we haven\'t proved that yet,\" lawyer Philips turned to an environmental activist.\"But there are some ways to test the relative degradation of LEDs.\" Sixty-and 100-Watt bulbs and stronger street lights are still in use.Remus from 40-Watt bulb, because of its popularity in the Netherlands, where it was first introduced.\"In California, people are used to brighter daylight and they expect the light bulbs to be stronger at night,\" Philips said .\".The lames lab in the Netherlands is trying to expand the range of light bulbs in the US market.They also skillfully combine the warm diode with the cold diode to produce the brightest and warmest light possible.\"In terms of energy efficiency, we also have to take other steps and we are working on it,\" Philips said .\".LED bulbs shoot out a beam of light, which is why it is better to use them on the ceiling, hang them or insert them into the ceiling.Aluminum cover between nickel-The aluminum-plated screws and glass bulbs are a \"radiator\" to keep the diodes as cool as possible, Philips said.\"The next generation of bulbs we produce will also be dimmable.This is not.\"It\'s not cheap to start a light bulb.The 40-The price of the watarox bulb is less than $40.Although this means 35-per year than expected-The life of the bulb is one year, and the people who move will not be able to fully enjoy their investment.Philips has different perspectives.\"You have to think of these bulbs as a valuable building --Appliances like microwave ovens.You install the bulbs and the next owner continues to use them.
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